16 May 2021

Affordable Rubbish Removal

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Alongside transportation and time, one of the main reasons that people put off rubbish removal is the associated cost. An assumption of high costs often means that mattresses are left leaning against bin stores, sofas sit in back gardens and fridge freezers sit at the end of driveways. But with Clearabee’s affordable rubbish removal services, you can get your waste cleared and take care of your property… as well as your pocket. In this article, we’ll break down some of the prices for you so you know you’re getting the most rubbish removal for your money.

If you want to jump straight to getting your rubbish removed rapidly, then book your rubbish removal now or contact Clearabee and we’ll give you a buzz back.


‘Man and Van’

Our ‘Man and Van’ waste clearances are our most flexible and cost-effective services and are able to responsibly remove bulky items, Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment (WEEE) and garden waste amongst other streams. You only pay for what we collect and we can remove more or less waste on the day of collection should your situation change.


Our Flexible Load option can remove a cubic yard of waste (which, for ease, we approximate to the size of 2 small domestic washing machines) at the cost of £89.99, but we allow for loads of almost any volume and can quote accordingly. Included in this price is 30 minutes of reasonable labour, a same-day service and the knowledge that your rubbish removal is not only affordable, but is also being removed responsibly in line with our environmental credentials.


Skip Hire

Skip hire costs vary up and down the country, but with our transparent pricing, you can see exactly how affordable our rubbish removals are and how much you’ll be getting for your money before you place your order. Our skip hire service is perfect for bulky items, garden rubbish and dense waste such as bricks, rubble, soil and gravel. You should, however, restrict these heavy streams to 4 and 6-yard skips so that the weight doesn’t exceed legal lifting restrictions.


As an example of cost, an 8-yard general waste skip in the Glasgow area will cost £203 for a 14-day hire period. This would be suitable for bulky waste, furniture and a limited amount of construction waste and in most cases, can be delivered to you during the next business day.


Skip Bags

Our fixed-price Skip Bag service is a flexible alternative to hiring a skip where you get a longer window within which to remove your rubbish. If you buy a Bag and Collection option, you have 6 months to use your Skip Bag and book your designated-day collection, which gives you plenty of time to load up your Skip Bag with bulky items, garden rubbish or dense waste such as bricks and rubble (although you should restrict these to a small Skip Bag for the same reasons as with the skip.

home waste

Our Small Skip Bags hold up to 1000kgs (approximated to 2 small domestic washing machines in size) and can be delivered to you during the next business day. The Bag and Collection cost of these Skip Bags are £139.99 and the bags come with delivery free of charge.


Sofa Collection

Whether you’re looking out for some new furniture and you’re simply having a clear out, our fixed-price sofa collections operate in a similar way to our ‘Man and Van’ services. Simply book online using our hassle-free booking service and opt for a same-day or designated day delivery and we’ll be on our way.


Starting with a £59.99 call-out charge, Clearabee can collect an armchair for an additional £30 and a two-seater for an additional £40. These prices include all manual labour so you won’t have to do any heavy lifting. At the larger end of the sofa spectrum, we can responsibly remove a three-seater sofa for £50 and the call-out charge and a 4-seater or corner unit for £60 and the call-out charge.

As well as a same-day service, Clearabee strives to divert from landfill at least 95% of all that we collect around the UK, which means that your pre-loved sofa might not be going to a good home, but will definitely be going to good use.


Private Home Wheelie Bin Collections

From time to time, every household finds themselves with more domestic rubbish than their wheelie bin can handle. Rather than wait for the next collection to roll around, Clearabee offers affordable private home wheelie bin collections all across the UK. There are slight variations, but generally speaking, Clearabee can empty your bins for the following prices:


120l Bin Collection – £29.99

240l Bin Collection – £34.99

360l Bin Collection – £39.99

wheelie bins

If you order before 10pm, we can collect your rubbish during the very next day – just make sure that you’ve left your bin out by 8am and we’ll take care of it for you. Discounted regular collections are also available if you join our Beeloyal customer programme, so you can get even more for your money.


Clearabee’s Waste Calculator

If you’re not quite sure which service you require, let alone how much it will cost you, then Clearabee’s Waste Calculator is the tool you need. You can select items from your home, garden or office and add them to a virtual basket before the Waste Calculator tells you the cost to remove the items for each appropriate service.

home graphic

You’ll also be able to work out if there is any capacity left, so you can get the most for your money. By way of a quick example, if you remove a single bed, a lamp and a wardrobe from the North London area, the Waste Calculator will provide you with a quote of £159.99 to remove the 3.25 cubic metres of waste. But as the Waste Calculator tells you this cost is for a 4 cubic metre waste collection, you know that you have some spare capacity in your collection so you can start thinking about what else you can get rid of. Why not try it out for yourself?

Book your affordable rubbish removal now and let Clearabee rapidly get rid of it for you.


Removing rubbish. It’s what we do.

All prices quoted in this article are correct at the time of publishing.

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