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Our Mission.

Clearabee is the UK's #1 man and van style rubbish clearance company. Diverting over 95% of waste from landfill and striving to be carbon neutral.

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Our Service

Operating exclusively through our own in-house teams, our service guarantees

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100% in-house

We don't subcontract any of our collections. All our staff are vetted, trained and employed directly

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100% compliance

We guarantee your waste will go to a licensed facillity - it never leaves our sight

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Where ever you are, we can help remove your rubbish and we're open 7 days a week with 24/7 bookings online

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Carbon neutral

We offset all carbon and in 2018 created our own forest planting 6,500 trees

Our Accreditations

We're proudly affiliated with the following organisations and accreditations


Nationwide Coverage

We offer a nationwide service.

We have vehicles all over the country

so we're nearly always local to you.

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We’re thrilled to have come across Clearabee, an on-demand rubbish removal service that’s perfect for anyone working on a home or garden renovation project, or just wanting to clear out some junk.


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when selecting a Transfer Station

  1. 1

    Waste stream onboard

    We will consider what types of waste we have
 collected and where they can best be recycled

  2. 2

    Traffic and driving time

    We assess the overall environmental benefit to ensure
maximum landfill diversion with minimal carbon footprint

  3. 3

    Next collection location

    Our routes are always optimised to keep
driving distance to a minimum

  4. 4

    Recycling percentage

    We will transfer your waste to the optimal location
based on recycling rates and driving distance

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This allows us to limit our carbon footprint while maximising landfill diversion.

Once the waste has been transferred, it will be further sorted. The first priority will be re-use, which could mean some items going to a local charity shop or re-use partner. After this and depending on the waste stream the waste will go through a picking line or be tromelled. Where possible, most of the waste will be recycled at this point, particularly metals, plastics, woods, paper & card. Items which cannot easily be separated or black bag waste will usually be prepared for RDF. Only a very small amount of waste we remove will be taken to landfill and in many areas the percentage is 0%.