Clearabee and the Environment

Carbon neutral and almost nothing goes to waste

As the UK’s largest clearance company and a national waste management company we take our environmental obligations very seriously. From our bespoke aluminium chassis vehicles (thereby reducing weight and CO2) to the planting of our own brand new forest (19,674 trees), we’re making sure we’re setting standards for the industry when it comes to handing your rubbish.

trees planted since 2018 and two new forests


landfill diversion rate on average.


locations meaning driving distance between jobs is very low.

The Clearabee forest,
Nether Kidston

Nether Kidston is Clearabee’s first woodland carbon project. It is a non-intervention native woodland with over 19,674 native broadleaved trees over a 10 acre site. This project is expected to offset over 2,200 tonnes of carbon. In addition to carbon, the forest provides benefits to local biodiversity and habitat as well as improvements to the flood mitigation profile of the downstream area.

Clearabee is committed to planting thousands of new trees every single year, offsetting substantially more carbon than we generate through our own operations.

Flood mitigation
1,886 Tonnes
CO2 offset

We make sure our day
to day is as green as possible

Whilst we offset our carbon with our own UK carbon schemes, we know how important it is to actually reduce our carbon too and are always looking at innovative ways of going green. Our office runs on only renewable energy, our new vehicles are built on bespoke lightweight chassis and our routes are further optimised through our bespoke AI powered routing system. Additionally our drivers are assisted through real time driver behaviour monitoring, encouraging them to drive as safely and environmentally friendly as possible.
Van LoadingLeaves

driving miles

With a fleet of over 100 vehicles operating from over 100 unique locations, we're never far from our next job. We don’t operate traditional depots, reducing our CO2 substantially through reduced mileage.

We operate a very modern, clean and fuel efficient fleet which is comprised mostly of EURO 6 vehicles which improve emissions and air quality. Our new vehicles are all built on a strong, ultra lightweight British made HDX chassis, making them even more green and represent the lightest commercially available chassis.

Van ParkedLeaves

miles between jobs


euro 6 in London


vehicles ensures efficient routes and shortened drive distances



We use over 600 recycling locations across the country, meaning we’re always recycling locally and reducing mileage. We only use locations with the best recycling rates and select the most suitable location based off of the waste we collect, which could include an anaerobic digestion plant for food waste, a materials recovery facility for bulky waste, or a composting centre for green waste.

>600 sites nationwide
so we always recycle
Flood mitigation
>95% landfill diversion
across the country,
with 100% in London
100% sites audited to
ensure quality and