9 March 2021

Room Clearance: A ‘How To’ Guide

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Room clearances are often a difficult task to organise, with many different waste streams occupying a room all at once. This can often result in many trips to the tip, endless trips out to a skip or, worse still, putting the job off altogether. The good news is that Clearabee are the specialists when it comes to waste clearances and can offer you a one-stop solution for all of your room clearance requirements. Let’s take a look.

Whilst clearances are often required in every part of a property – from garages to garden sheds to living rooms – research suggests that the most commonly-cluttered rooms are bedrooms. With wardrobes, dressing tables, bedside tables and windowsills, a bedroom can quickly become a mess and in need of a clearance.

Bulky items such as mattresses, bedframes and stand-alone wardrobes can be the trickiest to remove due to their weight, size and location, which is usually at the top of a flight of stairs. This can not only be dangerous but can quite often become a two-person job which, of course, isn’t always a practical option for everyone.


With this in mind, the best approach is often to sort your unwanted items into piles or lists so you can decide what needs to be removed and where it needs to be sent to. If you have clothing, toys or shoes, there are often donation/recycling points located in supermarket carparks which may be able to make use of your items as long as there is demand for them. Similarly, clothing donation bags are delivered regularly in most areas so these may be an option.

You should also check your local recycling options as you may be able to get rid of books, magazines, plastic cosmetic tubs and bottles and the like through your local council collections. Of course, this all depends on how full your recycling receptacles usually are but it’s worth mentioning that your general waste bins are only for general waste; that is, the items you can’t recycle easily.


Room Clearances: Tipping or Donating

Depending on what you’re planning to clear out, you may be able to sell or donate some items to local charities or over listing websites such as Freecycle or Gumtree. The trouble is, these options don’t lend themselves to a speedy clearance process. The uploading and listing of items itself can be time consuming and that’s before you even get to the point of haggling for price and arranging a pick up.

living room

Taking the items to your local Household Waste Recycling Centre and local charities may also complicate the process somewhat. Charity shops are currently closed due to lockdown restrictions (and there may not be a demand for your particular items once they open) and tips have several restrictions, conditions of entry and often lengthy queues.

If you want your room cleared quickly, the most convenient option by far is Clearabee’s Man and Van rubbish removal service. Here are some ideas about cost.


Clearabee’s Waste Calculator

If you’re ensure of how much waste you want removing from your chosen room, our unique waste calculator is an essential resource when it comes to planning your room clearances. The waste calculator allows you to choose from your kitchen, bedroom, office, bathroom or living room and add items to a virtual basket so you can get an idea of the cost involved.

By way of example, to remove a bed (weighing 100kg and 2 yd3 in volume), a 10kg bedroom lamp and a 50kg, 1 yd3 bed would cost £159.99 for a 4 cubic yard waste clearance. You can, of course, select other items from different rooms and add them to your order as required. There is also an option to remove items from your garden or office.

The waste calculator will also present you with prices for a couple of other options for your room clearance, which will may include Skip Bags and skip hire. It’s worth remembering that with skip hire and Skip Bags, you’ll need to fill the bag or skip yourself, whereas with our ‘Man and Van’ room clearances, our waste operatives will do all of the heavy lifting for you.


Room clearances with Clearabee

Clearabee’s room clearance services are bookable 24/7 via our hassle-free online system. In most cases, if you place your order before 1pm we can attend your property on the same day. If you provide as much detail as possible, we can respond with whichever service is the most appropriate and allocate staff accordingly.

Once we have completed your clearance and your items have reached their Waste Transfer Station, we will send you a digital Waste Transfer Note. This is kept for future reference and is part of your Duty of Care. It makes note of what items have been collected, the vehicle which collected it and where your waste ended up.

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The Waste Transfer Note also makes a record of the diversion from landfill rate, which with Clearabee, is at least 95%. Our services are carbon-neutral, thanks to our ultra-light vehicles and average journeys of less than 15 miles, due to our 120 locations nationwide. Our reforestation project, which consists of 2 new UK forests, is also expected to offset 1,886 tonnes of CO2. This means that you can be sure that as well as keeping your house tidy, you’re helping to keep our planet tidy too.

If you find that you have more items than you know what to do with, or if your items include hazardous waste then you should get in touch with us here at Clearabee so we can discuss your individual requirements. In most cases, we are able to provide a bespoke quote.

Follow this link to find out the answers to your most commonly-asked questions in our ‘Man and Van’ FAQ or take a look at our house clearance services.

If you’re ready to let us take care of your room clearance, book your ‘rubbish removal near me’ now or give Clearabee a buzz.


Removing rubbish. It’s what we do.


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