9 August 2022

Disposing of Air Conditioning and Summer WEEE

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At the time of writing, we’re still in the midst of a very warm summer which contained some of the hottest days on record. As a result, newspapers, websites and other outlets have produced a plethora of articles and guides on how to keep cool. Some are simple such as closing blinds and opening windows based on the positioning of the sun and some include the use of electrical appliances.

domestic air con

One of the larger investments you can make to keep your home or office cool is via air conditioning, a purchase that is becoming increasingly popular. Historically, air conditioning has never really taken the British domestic market by storm. Statistics show that less than 5% of UK homes have any form of air conditioning installed.

Air Conditioner Disposal

Whether you need to make room for your newly purchased items or you need a waste collection due to your replacing old tech, Clearabee is the perfect solution. Our ‘Man & Van’ collection service is a convenient option that is available throughout the UK. All you have to do is work out how much rubbish you have, book the corresponding collection size and we’ll be at your home to collect the waste, sometimes within the very same day.

Changes in the Market

But as summers in the UK become hotter, the demand for air conditioning has increased. As early as 2019 the air conditioning market in Europe saw an 11% increase in sales compared to 2017, with that figure continuing to grow. As well as air conditioning, smaller investments for keeping yourself cool increased too with Toolstation reporting a 641% increase in the sales of fans.

small air con

Interestingly there are lots of good reasons to avoid purchasing any kind of air conditioning, aside from the financial commitment of actually purchasing one. The secondary cost of running them may make you think twice and just opt for a cool can of pop from the shop instead. If used, liberally an air conditioner could add £24 onto your energy bill per week. This is as energy scarcity is starting to become a real problem around the globe. If the UK continues to adopt air conditioning at its current pace, it could see the national energy usage rise by 15%.

Can I Take my Air Conditioner to the Tip

Air conditioners can be difficult to get rid of not only due to the fact that they are categorized as electrical waste (WEEE) but they also contain refrigerant. Not all tips will accept items that contain gasses such as refrigerants so be sure to check if you are planning on taking your old one. Other items like fans tend to be okay but it’s still worth checking ahead as some tips will charge for certain categories of waste.

How to Dispose of a Broken Fan


We will happily be able to collect smaller domestic air conditioning units, fans and most other types of WEEE found in an average UK household. Large air conditioning units become harder to dispose of as they have to be professionally uninstalled. If you have large air conditioning units that have been disconnected it’s still worth contacting us to make sure we can collect the waste.

Disposing of Air Conditioners With Clearabee

In domestic settings, we can happily send one of our ‘Man & Van’ services to pick up your old tech as our waste operatives will even do all the heavy lifting for you. As of when this article was written our cheapest load is our mini load which takes up to a cubic yard of waste for £89.99. In commercial settings, there may be vast quantities of waste, in these scenarios a RoRo skip may provide the best solution. Our commercial customers enjoy bespoke waste management solutions tailored to their requirements.

Feel free to explore our other services such as our wheelie bin collections, skip hire, skip bags and more. If you are not in need of any waste removal services right at this second you can also read our guides and blogs on a range of topics such as our kitchen removal guide, how to get rid of old decking wood and wheelie bin care during the summer.

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