Wheelie Bin Care During the Summer

Wheelie Bin Care During the Summer

BlogPosted 20.05.2021By Clearabee

Through our nationwide private home wheelie bin collection service, we know all about what’s best when it comes to wheelie bin care during the summer.

Throughout the summer, raised temperatures and a hiked humidity can result in the accelerated breeding of bacteria in wheelie bins. This can not only leave you with an unpleasant smell in your bin, but also in the surrounding area of wherever you store it. That’s bad news for your garden or your garage! It might even mean you could end up needing to order a replacement bin from your local council.

With that heightened smell comes the increased attraction to pests, from flies and maggots to birds and foxes. Once they gain a foothold, they can be very difficult to deter. As you may have heard before, prevention is better than a cure so let’s take a look at some tips on how to take care of your wheelie bin during the summer.

Keep out of the sunlight

The first one’s an easy fix that not many people think of, but just like the summer itself, when the weather gets hotter, your bin gets smellier. If you have the option of moving your bin to a shadier area of your yard, garden or bin enclosure, you’ll no doubt notice a difference straight away. 

If that’s not a possibility, there are a number of wheelie bin storage solutions that are commonly available now, from plastic mini-shed style containers to DIY wooden flat-pack options. Or if you’re really handy with your tools, you could always make your own. Not only do they shield your bin from the sun, but they also make your bin area less of an eyesore and more secure against pests who want to try and get in.

Wheelie bin care

Bag up your rubbish

Bagging your rubbish sounds obvious and perhaps it is, but many people (us included) have been guilty of simply “chucking it in the bin” at one time or another. Even if it’s the remnants at the bottom of a coffee cup or the leftover packaging of a meal deal, the chances are there’s enough food waste there to breed bacteria and result in the dreaded bin smell.

To reduce the chances of the smell developing, you should clean your non-recyclable and recyclable food packaging as you would do your plates and crockery. Wipe out food tubs and lids and rinse out glass jars and plastic tubs as best as you can. It may sound like hard work, but it’s still easier than cleaning out your wheelie bin. This reduces the chance of bacteria breeding and attracting the aforementioned pests.

Of course, you should recycle the above examples as much as your area allows but we’ve included them for the sake of argument. Follow this link to learn more about our environmental credentials and sustainable services. 

wheelie bin cleaning

Clean inside and out regularly

Of course, there are some companies who will offer a bin cleaning service for a charge, but should you have the time, it’s a relatively simple process without the need for specialist wheelie bin cleaning equipment. Using anti-bacterial spray or diluted anti-bacterial solution along with a long-handled brush or mop, you can clean down to bottom of the bin, removing anything attached to dispose of in a bin bag once the bin is clean.

Make sure that you pour any remaining solution from the bottom of the bin into an outdoor drain and leave the bin out in the sun to dry before you start using it again. You can also buy bin deodorisers from most supermarkets for around £2 to keep the odour at bay in between cleans and once it’s cleaned, it’s easier to keep on top of.

Keep your lid closed

It can always be tempting to try and fit another bin bag into your wheelie bin before your collection day. The trouble is, failing to close the lid is an open invitation to foxes and cats who would love to have a good look through your leftovers. 

There’s a certain amount of good you can do by compacting your rubbish and flattening down the non-recyclable packing in your bin. This tends to create more space in your wheelie bin but is only a limited solution. If you’re constantly overfilling your bin or finding yourself with more waste than your wheelie bin can contain, then it might be time to start thinking about other rubbish removal options. And that’s where Clearabee can offer our 5-star rated services.

overfilled wheelie bins

Private Home Wheelie Bin Collection Service

If overfilling your bin is a problem, then we have a solution. We offer affordable, rapid-reaction private home wheelie bin collections no matter where you are in the UK. There are slight variations due to locations, but generally speaking, Clearabee can empty your bins for the following prices: 

120l Bin Collection - £29.99

240l Bin Collection - £34.99

360l Bin Collection - £39.99

Simply place your order online before 10pm and we’ll make sure to collect your rubbish during the very next day – just make sure that you’ve left your bin out by 8am. We’ll send you an SMS when we’re on our way and you’ll also receive a tracking link so you’re able to follow our progress no matter where you are. We also offer discounted services if you book regular collections and join our Beeloyal customer programme, so you can get even more rubbish removal for your money.

Even if you’ve been keeping up with your wheelie bin care during the summer, everyone needs a private home wheelie bin collection every once in a while. Book yours today or get in touch with Clearabee and we’ll give you a buzz back.

Removing rubbish. It’s what we do.

All prices featured in this article were correct at the time of publishing.

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