18 April 2021

Waste Transfer Notes: what are they?

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Waste Transfer Notes are an integral part of any legally compliant rubbish removal, but many customers and businesses still have questions around what they are, what information they should include and who should use them. As the UK’s largest waste clearance company, Clearabee are specialists in responsible rubbish removal and have set out to answer these questions for you.

These are some of the most commonly-asked questions about Waste Transfer Notes according to the People Always Ask section of Google’s search results. If there are any questions that we have not covered, do not hesitate to get in touch with Clearabee and request a call back.

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However, it’s worth mentioning that a consignment note is not needed for the transferal of domestic hazardous waste to an initial collection point unless it’s dealing with asbestos.

Each Waste Transfer Note should be filled out by a business as completely as possible, signed and kept on record for 2 years. It should be produced if and when requested by an officer of the Environment Agency or an enforcement officer from your local authority.

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Waste Transfer Notes with Clearabee

Although it is not a legal requirement to provide Waste Transfer Notes to domestic customers, Clearabee are registered waste carriers who provide a digital Waste Transfer Note after each and every clearance reaches its destination, whether the waste originates from a business or a someone’s home. This ensures that our customers can have complete confidence in Clearabee and enjoy peace of mind in the knowledge that your waste is being legally and responsibly disposed of and that you’re not contributing to the fly-tipping problem.

With Clearabee, the end destination of your waste will be one of 600 local Waste Transfer Stations across the UK that are audited and approved by our compliance team. These audits ensure that the landfill diversion rates are as high as practicable and these are at least 95% on average. You can read more about how we audit Waste Transfer Sites here.


For that little bit more confidence, Clearabee are not only the largest clearance service in the UK but we are also the most-reviewed such service on Trustpilot. Our services are 5-Star and are rated “Excellent” with us recently surpassing the milestone of 10,000 reviews. You can read some of them here. You can also read about our environmental credentials which sees us operate a carbon-neutral service due to our short journeys, ultra-light vehicles and reforestation projects.

If you have any further questions about Waste Transfer Notes, don’t hesitate to get in touch with Clearabee and request a call back. To book our rapid-reaction ‘Man and Van’ waste clearance, click this link and let us responsibly get rid of your rubbish.

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