6 February 2023

Monitor Disposal

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According to research, globally the average person spends 6 hours 58 minutes every day looking at screens. One of the many rectangles we spend so much time staring at is the computer monitor. Whether at work or home, they allow us to complete a range of tasks but unfortunately, they don’t last forever. Once they stop working, they can become difficult to get rid of responsibly on your own.

Monitor Disposal Provided by Clearabee

The most convenient way to get rid of monitors is with a Clearabee waste collection. We are able to perform collections in a number of ways but our most convenient is our ‘Man & Van’ collection. Whether its old tech such as monitors or a mass of packaging from the replacement to old furniture, we can collect the lot. We can come into your home and remove heavy items for you, so you won’t even have to lift a finger.


Monitor Disposal Cost

Our smallest ‘Man & Van’ collection is our Mini Load which costs £89.99 and is able to collect a cubic yard worth of waste. The best way to visualize a cubic yard is to think of the space that two standard washing machines would take up. Obviously, this is more than a single monitor so you could add plenty of different types of waste onto your collection too. Have you got some items cluttering up your shed or loft, we’ll happily take them away too. With a Clearabee collection you’ll also have the peace of mind knowing that your waste will be responsibly disposed of responsibly, this is especially important when dealing with electronic waste such as monitors. We provide detailed waste transfer notes after every jobs, are carbon neutral and have high rates of recycling.

Why are Monitors Difficult to Get Rid of?

Older monitors are more likely container larger quantities of harmful chemicals such as lead. As new regulations were passed and manufacturing improved more recent monitors are safer but still must be handled with care when it comes to disposing of them. Countries will have their own laws that state the legal requirements when handling WEEE (waste electrical and electronic equipment), for instance in the Uk there is The Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment Regulations 2013.


LCD Monitor Recycling

Like a lot of products on the market, the best way to recycle monitors is to separate all their raw materials. Recycling computer monitors is typically achieved by shredders and then these materials are separated autonomously or by hand. Materials that can be reclaimed include glass from the screen, plastic from the shell and metal from the wiring.

How Much Waste is Produced by Monitors

To get an understanding about how much waste can potentially be produced by monitors it’s interesting to learn that In 2021, 143.6 million computer monitors were sold worldwide. This contributes to the suggestion from the UN that electronic waste is one of the fastest growing waste streams. Unfortunately, the UK is one of the highest producers of electronic waste with a stat of 23.9kg of WEEE produced per capita in 2019.


How to Make Your Monitor Last?

The best way to prevent yourself from producing last and to save yourself money is to prolong the life of your monitor in the first place. One of the easiest things you can do to ensure your device goes to sleep promptly when you are not using it. Then ensure that your monitor turns off or you use a black screen saver. It’s important to make sure that any surge protection installed at your home is regularly checked and properly working.


Additional Clearabee Services

As well as our ‘Man & Van’ collection we are also able to provide a variety of different rubbish collection services. Skip hire, skip bags, bin collections and more. If you are unsure what service would best suit your situation, then you can use our waste calculator which provides suggestions or get in contact with our team.

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