23 May 2021

Rubbish Removal Bags – A Skip Alternative

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Skips have been around for a long time, and although it seems a cruel thing to announce so close to their 100th birthday, they are no longer the all-encompassing rubbish removal solution that they once were. It’s almost a shame to say it, but rubbish removal bags, AKA Skip Bags, are coming for the waste clearance crown.

Skips, which are believed to have been first used for rubbish disposal around 1922, are becoming increasingly difficult for customers to get their hands on in this day and age. Increased demand and operational limitations during the lockdown have meant that some customers have seen waiting times stretch from days into weeks or orders being cancelled completely. Meanwhile, Skip Bags are being delivered, filled and collected in record numbers across the UK.

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Let’s take a look at why Skip Bags make a popular skip alternative.

Skip Bags: Suitable for All

Skips come heavily laden with connotations of construction work, giving the impression that they’re only suitable for large scale renovations and refurbs. While this isn’t always the case, skips are often associated with a project of a certain size in order to make the skip seem warranted. Skip Bags, however, are far more flexible when it comes to the size of your project.

Available in four different sizes and purchasable in multiples, these rubbish removal bags are suitable for almost any home improvement undertaking. Clearabee’s Mini Bags are great for light waste streams such as garden cuttings and tree clippings, whilst our Small Skip Bags (which are roughly the size of two washing machines) are ideal for clearing out the shed, garage or getting rid of unwanted children’s toys.

At the opposite end of the scale, our Medium and Large Skip Bags will happily hold your old kitchen units if you’ve gone for a refit, or your bathroom suite if you’ve opted for an upgrade. Even better still, you needn’t fill the skip bag completely to feel like you’re getting your money’s worth: skip bags are great for getting rid of bulky bits of furniture such as sofas or armchairs without having to fork out.

Skip Bags: Counting the Cost

We all know that when we’re talking waste removal, we shouldn’t just go for the cheapest option. But cost is certainly a deciding factor for all of us. On the whole, Skip Bags are far more cost-effective than their counterparts. In fact, the service comparison tool on our website suggests that you can save up to £55 by opting for a Skip Bag instead of hiring a similarly sized skip. It’s not all about size though, when you’re spending your own money, you want a swift service.

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Speedier than a Skip

Here at Clearabee, when our skip hire and Skip Bag services are operating at their normal levels, you can often expect to accept delivery the next working day. However, it’s often the 14-day skip hire period that hinders the process. Unless your skip is filled right up to the level load line, then the temptation is always there to keep it on your drive and to keep on filling it with refuse. It makes perfect sense in terms of getting your money’s worth, but it reduces the opportunities for other customers to get their skip that little bit earlier, or for other orders to be met as soon as possible.

That’s just one of the USPs about Skip Bags. Instead of waiting in a virtual queue of skip customers, your Skip Bag could be with you during the very next business day. Which means you could get on to your renovation or refurbishment projects as soon as tomorrow, with the rubbish itself being removed quickly thereafter.

(Skip)Bags of time

Yet another great thing about Skip Bags, is that you needn’t have the rubbish removed quickly at all. In fact, you needn’t even unpack it when it arrives. If you buy a Skip Bag and collection, you have a six-month period within which to use and order your collection.

That means that if your project stalls for whatever reason, be it weather, workmen or willingness, you can easily put it off until next week. Or next month. In those six months, you could move house and take the Skip Bag with you and we’ll still come and collect. Just as long as you let us know where we can find you, that is.

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Softer on the Eye, Softer on the Planet

It might not be at the top of everyone’s list, but appearances are important when it comes to rubbish removal, especially if it’s going to be sitting on your drive for the whole neighbourhood to see. Stylishly designed and slick, our Skip Bags are much nicer to look at than your average skip (or skip bag for that matter) and sure to make the neighbours pay attention for all the right reasons.

On a slightly less superficial level, our rubbish removal bags are as easy on the planet as they are on the eye. Each of our bags are 100% recyclable, whilst we go to great lengths to ensure that at least 95% of the bag’s contents are diverted from landfill. What’s more, for each Skip Bag bought, we plant a tree in one of our two UK forests.

With all that being said, enough is enough. You can order your Skip Bag here but let’s not rub it in. After all, it is nearly the skip’s Big Birthday.

Removing rubbish. It’s what we do.


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