8 February 2021

Skip Bags: Your Questions Answered

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When those in need of rubbish removal start thinking of a solution, they often turn to skip hire or ‘Man and Van’ clearance services. How

ever, in recent years the Skip Bag rubbish removal service has risen to prominence, providing both the flexibility of the ‘Man and Van’ service and the secure storage offered by a skip, although few know much about Skip Bags themselves. So, we’ve decided to answer your most-commonly asked questions and describe how Skip Bags could be the solution you’ve been looking for.

If you already know what you want from your rubbish removal, then feel free to book your skip bags now. Otherwise, let’s answer some of your most commonly-asked questions.

The following set of skip bag questions are taken from the People Always Ask sections of Google so if you have any questions that don’t appear here, just give Clearabee a buzz.



Skip Bag rubbish removals from Clearabee

Skip Bags from Clearabee are increasingly popular as an alternative to skip hire. You can easily order your skip bag of choice using our hassle-free online booking system. We’ll send your Skip Bag out via the post using a next-working day delivery and it’s ready to fill at your leisure. If you opt for the Bag and Collection option, then you have 6 months within which to fill your bag and book your collection with Clearabee.

If you opt for a Bag Only option, you can still book a collection separately whenever you so wish, no matter if it’s 7 months or 2 years after you purchase the bag. Just sign in to your Clearabee account or contact our friendly office team and we’ll take care of the rest.

Once we’re on our way we’ll send an SMS to let you know and you’ll receive a tracking link so you can keep up with our progress. The nature of Skip Bags means that you don’t even need to be present at your property when we make the collection (although make sure you are contactable by phone, just in case).

Clearabee’s skip bag service has the flexibility to make sure that we can always provide the most eco-friendly option for your particular rubbish removal. For example, skip bags need to be filled and left within 4 metres of the road, but if you have communicated the contents of your skip bag with us, then we may be able to remove your skip bag with a ‘Man and Van’ service rather than an HGV, depending on the contents.

The ‘Man and Van’ option allows us to reduce our carbon emission as we use vehicles with ultra-light chassis. Also, our journeys are below 15 miles each on average, thanks to our 120-plus locations across the UK.

The carbon we do produce is completely offset by our reforestation project, which has seen 19,674 trees planted and two UK forests created. These forests not only act as a wildlife sanctuary and mitigate flood risks, but are expected to offset 1,886 tonnes of CO2. You can find out more about our environmental credentials here.

Once your Skip Bag has reached an audited and approved local Waste Transfer Station, customers will receive a digital Waste Transfer Note. This not only forms part of your Duty of Care, but also lists the waste that has been collected, the vehicle used and the diversion from landfill rate which is typically at least 95%. These records are kept for future reference and mean that you can have confidence in Clearabee.

You can order your skip bag twenty-four hours a day and seven days a week using our hassle-free online booking system or by contacting our friendly office team.

For more information, take a look at our Skip Bag FAQ page or A Guide to Skip Bags.

Removing rubbish. It’s what we do.


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