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Skip Bags


Skip Bags are the increasingly popular and flexible alternative to hiring a skip.

They are an efficient and eco-friendly option for rubbish removal and are suitable for a variety of waste streams, ranging from light waste to bulky items. As far as Skip Bags go, this FAQ will tell you everything you need to know.

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Skip Bags FAQs

When choosing a skip, there are various considerations which will impact upon what skip size and type is the most suitable, such as where you plan to place it and what you plan to put inside of it. We have detailed the main skips below but we can provide almost any type of skip.


Why use Skip Bags?

clearabee team collect when you request them to

Select a collection day of your choice

most waste streams removed

Most waste streams removed

carbon neutral since 2018

Carbon neutral since 2018

Nationwide rubbish removal

Nationwide rubbish removal

Fill your skip bag on your own terms

Fill your Skip Bag on your terms

same / next day collection available

Same / next day collections available

Skip Bag Sizes

What sizes do Skip Bags come in?
We provide three sizes of Skip Bags in the following dimensions and weight restrictions: Small Skip Bags - 90cm x 90cm x 90cm. 1 yard. 200 kgs, Medium Skip Bags - 180cm x 90cm x 70cm. 1.5 yards. 250 kgs, Large Skip Bags - 210cm x 165cm x 100cm. 4.5 yards. 500 kgs
Put simply, how much will each Skip Bag hold?
As a guide, using the size of a domestic washing machine is a good way to estimate how much volume of waste a Skip Bag can hold. A small Skip Bag, for example, will store approximately 2 washing machines worth of waste. A medium Skip Bag will hold around 3 washing machine-sized amounts of waste, whilst a large Skip Bag will take waste the size of 9 washing machines.

Skip Bag Cost

How long is my Skip Bag collection order valid for?
Your Skip Bag collection order is valid for 6 months, so you can take your time in filling your bag. It is yours to take with you for use elsewhere too: whether that means holiday homes or a friend or family’s house is up to you. Just let us know the collection address when you’re ready and we’ll see you there.
What do Skip Bags cost?
Small, medium and large Skip Bags are all delivered free of charge. Small Skip Bags cost £139.99 for the bag along with collection. Medium Skip Bags costs £149.99 for the bag and collection. Large Skip Bags are charged at £239.99 for the Skip Bag and its collection.
Are there additional costs?
Additional costs will be incurred if the Skip Bag is overfilled, meaning that it cannot be safely collected. A handball charge may be applied if your Skip Bag is perceived to be excessively heavy (particularly in the cases of bricks, rubble or soil) and/or more than 4 meters away from the road. A discussion around the planned content of your Skip Bag will reduce the likelihood of any additional charges. If a bag is further than 4 meters from the road but contains only light waste, we will normally be able to send a ‘man and van’ for no extra cost but we must be made aware of this in advance.

What can go in a Skip Bag?

Bulky waste
Almost all bulky waste found in your home or business can be thrown in a Skip Bag. Unless you’re breaking everything up, do be careful that the Skip Bag is ‘level loaded’ which means nothing is protruding from the top.
Garden waste
Garden waste can be thrown in most sizes of Skip Bag. However if your garden waste is predominantly heavy and dense rubbish like soil or rubble then you will be limited to a small Skip Bag in most circumstances.
Plasterboard/gypsum waste
Plasterboard and gypsum is a specialist waste which means it cannot go into a mixed Skip Bag. This is because when it is mixed with other waste or gets wet it can putrefy over time and generate hydrogen sulphide. In some cases we can organise for you to add a little plasterboard if it is clearly bagged and separated or we can supply a dedicated plasterboard skip.
Construction Waste
Large amounts of construction waste (i.e. more than 10 rubble sacks worth) is more suitably disposed of through our Skip Hire service as it is designed for heavy and dense waste.

What cannot go in a Skip Bag?

Electrical waste
White goods such as washing machines and dishwashers need to be moved in a dedicated WEEE (Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment) Skip Bag and must be collected by our ‘man and van’ service. This will ensure that these items can be responsibly disposed of.
Food waste
Food waste is not a suitable waste stream for a Skip Bag. Instead, our ‘man and van’ waste removal services are able to effectively remove organic food waste.
Plasterboard and Gypsum
Plasterboard and gypsum should not be mixed with other waste streams.
Bricks, Rubble and Soil
Medium and large Skip Bags are not generally suitable for heavy dense waste such as bricks, rubble or soil.
Hazardous Waste
Hazardous waste is not suitable for our Skip Bag service. Our ‘man and van’ service can responsibly remove 'household' bulky hazardous waste such as fridges, tvs and lights. In all cases we are not able to remove chemicals, solvents or liquids.

Where can I place my Skip Bag?

Where can I place my Skip Bag?
Your Skip Bag must be placed on private land, within sight of the road and usually within 4 metres distance of said road. There must be reasonable access for a large HGV vehicle at all times as some instances will warrant a crane and hoist, whilst others will warrant a ‘man and van’ service. Please remember that as we use a mixed fleet of vehicles, we can occasionally work around obstacles but only when it is safe to do so. For this reason, it’s important that we are aware of the contents of each Skip Bag before we arrange for a collection.

Booking a Skip Bag

How do I pay for my Skip Bag?
Your Skip Bag can be paid for online and it will be delivered to you during the next working day.
How will my Skip Bag arrive?
Your Skip Bag or bags will be delivered via the post or by a courier, depending upon the size of the order. You do not need to be present on the day of delivery, as the bags can be posted or left outside of your property. The bags will be flat packed when they arrive, so that they can be conveniently stored away until you plan to use them.
I've ordered the wrong Skip Bag. Can I change it?
You can return a Skip Bag which has been ordered by mistake and we dispatch orders on the very same day. If the Skip Bag has been delivered and you decide that you need a larger option, you could either order another size or more of the same - in either case you’ll still have six months to organise your collection. Alternatively, you could take advantage of our ‘man and van’ waste removal service.

Collecting your Skip Bag

How do I notify you that my skip is ready for collection?
Once you’re done filling your Skip Bag you can request a collection online. If you have a prepaid package, just look up your order and request a collection. Alternatively, if you only have a Skip Bag, then you can simply order and pay for a collection instead. We offer named day collections although the bag must be accessible all day on the day of collection. Our office is open 7 days a week and named-day collections can be booked for any weekday.
Do I need to be in for collection?
You do not need to be in as long as the Skip Bag is clearly accessible and has been filled correctly. You must however be contactable should we need any help or guidance. The skip must not be overfilled and there should be no prohibited waste inside the Skip Bag.
How will my waste be collected?
As Clearabee provides a hybrid solution to waste removal, your collection will depend on the nature of the waste. If the waste is deemed to be light in weight or is only a few bulky items in number, then we may deploy one of our rapid reaction ‘man and van’ teams to make the collection more environmentally-friendly and efficient. Grab lorries will often be used where large amounts of waste are due to be removed. Here, Skip Bags should be left no more than 4 meters away from the road so that they can be accessed by the crane.
What happens to my waste?
All of the waste we collect is transferred to a local commercial recycling facility where, on average, over 95% of the waste collected is diverted from landfill. We also provide you with a digital Waste Transfer Note which will be emailed to you with your receipt upon job completion. We store a copy of these documents for you, should you need to request a copy in the future.
Do you collect Hippo Bags?
We are able to collect third party bags but these must be filled in line with the guidance set out above and must be within a distance of 4 meters from the road. If your Hippo collection has previously failed for any reason then please check with us before ordering.

Skip Bag Alternatives

Man and Van
We also offer a fast and flexible Skip Bag alternative using our ‘man and van’ fleet of vehicles, which is a great option when you have lighter rubbish to be removed or if you need it cleared quickly. Only pay for what we remove and we can clear as much or as little as you like on the day, versus a skip where you need to decide the size up front. We will load for you - we will send a team who will collect the waste from most locations and load it into our vehicle, saving you the effort. Eco friendly - only one visit per collection. We offset all of the carbon from our vehicles and we divert from landfill over 95% of the waste we collect. Same day and time slots - we can turn up almost anywhere in the country on a same day basis and we also offer time slots, making this a very convenient option.
Skip Hire
Our skip hire service is the perfect solution for waste removal, especially if you need to keep the waste on-site for a longer period of time or if it is too heavy for a Skip Bag or our ‘Man and Van’ service. This service includes: Fixed-price skips - decide on the skip size you require after first planning your project and then use our hassle-free online ordering service, Secure containment - skips are easier to load and fill up with waste. They are great for heavy waste or large amounts of waste such as bricks, rubble and soil, Range of sizes available - pick the perfect size for the project you’re undertaking and the amount of waste you want removing, Our skip service provides next-day delivery in almost all areas of the UK. Skips can be hired over a 14 day period, although this can b e extended if you get in touch with us beforehand.
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Not sure how much waste you have, or how to calculate it?

If you’re stood there scratching your head and wondering how do you even begin to calculate how much waste you have, then our waste calculator will help you out.

Have you got a mixture of waste, some furniture as well as some other items? You can use our waste calculator to add all items together to give you an estimated size in cubic yards as well as how much it will cost to get it removed. You can explore a house, garden and office to add all your desired items into a basket. From there we can even recommend the best type of service to have your waste collected.

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