Let's work out how
much waste you have

If you’re not sure what size of collection to order it’s no big deal. We can clear more or less waste on the day of collection.

We have however developed a waste calculator to help you get an idea of what size rubbish collection to order and an indication of the cost for removing your waste.

You can compare waste piles or add items individually using our bespoke calculator.

Waste Calculator

Use our fun waste calculator to add the items of waste you need collecting and we will provide an estimate of the cost and a recommendation of the service, as we offer rubbish clearance, skip hire and skip bag services.

How much waste do you have?

Choose the option that is closest to your amount of waste from 1 - 14 cubic yards.

1 cubic yard

1 cubic yard

1 yd3 / 0.76m3

The size of 5 bin bags or 2 washing machines.

2 cubic yard

2 cubic yards

2 yd3 / 1.52m3

The size of 10 bin bags or 4 washing machines.

3 cubic yard

3 cubic yards

3 yd3 / 2.28m3

The size of 15 bin bags or 6 washing machines.

4 cubic yard

4 cubic yards

4 yd3 / 3.04m3

The size of 20 bin bags or 8 washing machines.

5 cubic yard

5 cubic yards

5 yd3 / 3.80m3

The size of 25 bin bags or 10 washing machines.

6 cubic yard

6 cubic yards

6 yd3 / 4.56m3

The size of 30 bin bags or 12 washing machines.

7 cubic yard

7 cubic yards

7 yd3 / 5.32m3

The size of 35 bin bags or 14 washing machines.

8 cubic yard

8 cubic yards

8 yd3 / 6.08m3

The size of 40 bin bags or 16 washing machines.

9 cubic yard

9 cubic yards

9 yd3 / 6.84m3

The size of 45 bin bags or 18 washing machines.

10 cubic yard

10 cubic yards

10 yd3 / 7.60m3

The size of 50 bin bags or 20 washing machines.

11 cubic yard

11 cubic yards

11 yd3 / 8.36m3

The size of 55 bin bags or 22 washing machines.

12 cubic yard

12 cubic yards

12 yd3 / 9.12m3

The size of 60 bin bags or 24 washing machines.

13 cubic yard

13 cubic yards

13 yd3 / 9.88m3

The size of 65 bin bags or 26 washing machines.

14 cubic yard

14 cubic yards

14 yd3 / 10.64m3

The size of 70 bin bags or 28 washing machines.

How we charge for waste collection

Waste Calculator FAQ

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