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Needle and Sharps Disposal

At Clearabee we are able to provide a wide range of rubbish removal solutions, including a needle and sharps disposal service. Our teams of trained operatives are based around the UK which allows us to attend needle collection jobs throughout the nation.


We are unable to provide sharps bins and specialise more in sweeping an area to manually collect sharps. Fill in our enquiry form and we will get back to you as soon as possible with a quote. While on the phone you can let us know any additional details and we can create a bespoke quote for your sharps collection requirements.

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Clearabee needles and sharps collection

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Tailored quote

To organise a sharps collection you can use our enquiry form to request a quote. You can provide as many details as you need and also supply photos for an even more accurate quote. We’ll get back to you and you can discuss even more details over the phone. 

Step 2

Arrive and clear site

If you are happy with your quote we will simply arrive on a day of your choosing to perform the needle sweep and sharps collection. Our waste operatives will be trained and prepared for the different types of jobs they may need to attend. As long as we can access the requested space, you won’t have to be in at the time. 

Step 3

Dispose of sharp waste

With the area now cleared of hazards, we will take the collected sharps to be safely disposed of. We pride ourselves in our responsible handling of waste, whether it’s bulky waste like wardrobes or hazardous waste like needles.

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What needle collection jobs do you accept?

We specialise in performing sharps collection and needle sweeps by hand. As a result, we are unable to provide sharps and needle bins.


An old building that is ready to be refurbished but has had needles left in by unwanted visitors is something we could help with. Maybe an alleyway is part of your property and has attracted sharps waste lately? We would not be suited to regular visits to a GP as they tend to require sharps bins.


What we can collect

needle and vial

Our needle sweep service is suited to scenarios where a typical rubbish removal may apply.

  • Littered alleyways
  • Buildings before refurbs
  • Discarded knives
  • Waste removal + needle sweep

What we can't collect

needle and vial

Medical scenarios and sharps bins fall outside of our remit.

  • Medical centres
  • GP’s surgeries
  • Cosmetic surgeries
  • Sharps bins

Sharps and needle disposal FAQ's

We have put together some resources and FAQs to help answer any questions you may have around the topic of needle and sharps disposal.

What risks do needles and sharps present?

There is the obvious physical damage a sharp object can do to your body but you can also come into contact with a blood-borne virus. These include hepatitis and HIV. This is why needles and sharps should only be handled and collected by trained professionals.

What is the first thing to do if you have a needle stick injury?

The government approved HSE (Health and Safety Executive) provide all the information you’ll need on this topic here. The important points are to; encourage the wound to bleed gently, wash the wound with soap under running water and then seek immediate medical help.

What are the different types of sharps?

Sharp waste includes but isn’t necessarily limited to:

  • Hypodermic needles
  • Broken glass
  • Syringes
  • Knives
  • Scalpels
  • Razors
  • Epipens
  • Barbed wire

If you are unsure if your circumstances call for a sharps collection, give us the details and we’ll let you know.

What happens to sharp waste?

Due to the hazardous nature of sharps the resulting waste will need to be destroyed. Sharps pose a risk of physical harm but can also carry contagious diseases. Many disposal sites will incinerate sharps waste as there is no point trying to reclaim materials from it.

What are the sharp instruments regulations?

The sharps instruments regulations 2013 are applied mainly in healthcare settings so won’t typically be the jobs we will be able to help with. Even so, you can read more about them here. Topics covered include how you should try to minimise your sharps waste by only using sharp instruments when absolutely necessary.

Do you provide other rubbish removal services?

We have quickly become the UK’s largest rubbish removal provider by offering a comprehensive range of waste clearance services. From hiring a skip, wheelie bin collections, ‘Man and Van’ services and more. Even if you require more specialized services like a needle sweep, you should still get in contact as we may be able to provide a tailored solution for you or your business.


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Our sharps disposal specialists are fully trained and prepared to complete your requested job to an extremely high standard.


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As well as a sharps and needle collection we can also provide ‘Man and Van’ collections, skip bags, bin collections and more.

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Our ‘Man and Van’ collection can be at your door on a same-day basis to collect a wide range of different types of rubbish. If you book before 1pm you will have a high chance that your rubbish will be able to be collected on a same-day basis.

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