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Commercial & Roll On Roll Off Skip Hire

Use Clearabee for your commercial skip hire and waste management requirements and enjoy all the benefits of a convenient and effective service.


Our Roll on Roll off skip hire service can help clear vast amounts of waste from sites and businesses across the nation. Our range of skips and ‘Man and Van’ removal services allows us to provide efficient and cost-effective services to small and larger businesses.

RoRo Skips

From: £180.00

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The types of skips we offer

Skip Hire

From£180.00ex VAT
6 | 8 | 10 | 12 | 14 | 16 YARD

Roll On Roll Off

From£390.00ex VAT
20 | 25 | 30 | 35 | 40 YARD

National roll on roll off skip hire

We understand that managing waste for businesses can be complicated and can require a bespoke solution. This is why we provide dedicated quote handlers that can create a tailored waste removal service suited to your organisation’s requirements. From scoping out logistics to detailed waste transfer notes, our dedicated quote handlers will always fight to get you the best price.


Fill in the form and one of our dedicated quote handlers will strive to get back to you straight away. We can typically respond in under 15 minutes.


In addition, a Clearabee waste management solution or skip hire will give you access to our intricate reporting and technical support. At the end of each job, you will receive a detailed waste transfer note which includes a complete breakdown of waste streams, weight and recycling rates. Our App allows you to stay up to date with long-term and reoccurring jobs. Order on the fly, receive notifications and stay in contact with our team of experts using the Clearabee portal.

A skip, and two Clearabee staff with a Clearabee vehicle.

Range of solutions

Builders and roll on roll off skips, ‘Man and Van’ collections and a range of specialist removal services are all at your disposal with Clearabee.

Two Clearabee quote handlers.

Dedicated quote handlers

Our dedicated quote handlers have had years of experience and will use all that knowledge to ensure you receive the best price on your own tailored quote.

A monitor and computer equipment.

Leading technical support

The Clearabee portal and detailed reporting will make waste management a smooth and rewarding process.


Available commercial skips and roll on roll off

6 Yard Skip

A small skip.
From£180.00Excluding VAT


4.6M³ / 3M (L) X 1.5M (W) 1.2 M (H)
6 yard skip info

8 Yard Skip

A small skip.
From£200.00Excluding VAT


6.1M³ / 3.4M (L) 1.7M (W) 1.4 M (H)
8 yard skip info

10 Yard Skip

A small skip.
From£240.00Excluding VAT


7.6M³ / 3.6M (L) 1.8M (W) X 1.8M (H)

12 Yard Skip

A large skip.
From£280.00Excluding VAT


9.2M³ / 4M (L) 1.8M (W) X 1.7M (H)

14 Yard Skip

A large skip.
From£320.00Excluding VAT


10.3M³ / 4.1M (L) 1.7 M (W) X 1.7M (H)

16 Yard Skip

A large skip.
From£340.00Excluding VAT


12.2M³ / 4.2M (L) 1.8M (W) X 1.8M (H)

20 Yard Roll On Roll Off

full roro
From£390.00Excluding VAT (Inc 2 tonne)


15.3M³ / 6.2M (L) 2.4M (W) X 1.5M (H)

25 Yard Roll On Roll Off

full roro
From£390.00Excluding VAT (Inc 2 tonne)


19.1M³ / 6.2M (L) X 2.4M (W) 1.52M (H)

30 Yard Roll On Roll Off

full roro
From£390.00Excluding VAT (Inc 2 tonne)


22.9M³ / 6.2M (L) X 2.4M (W) 1.98 M (H)

35 Yard Roll On Roll Off

full roro
From£390.00Excluding VAT (Inc 2 tonne)


26.7M³ / 6.2M (L) X 2.4M (W) X 2.4M (H)

40 Yard Roll On Roll Off

full roro
From£390.00Excluding VAT (Inc 2 tonne)


30.6M³ / 6.2 M (L) X 2.4M (W) 2.5 M (H)

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*From prices are based on general waste and are for illustration purposes only, contact us for a bespoke quote.


Commercial skip hire in 4 simple steps

Step 1

Get a tailored quote

Fill in our simple call-back form and our dedicated team will be in touch with a quote within 15 minutes.

Step 2

Your skip arrives

The commercial skip or roll on roll off arrives at your desired location on a day of your choosing.

Step 3

Fill your skip

You fill the skip with all of your waste and then contact your account manager who can handle any additional bookings, collection or exchanges.

Step 4

Skip is collected

Your skip is collected and the waste is taken to a Materials Recycling Facility (MRF). We provide reporting data including digital waste transfer notes and waste stream breakdowns.


Don't just take our word for it


Commercial and roll on roll off skip hire FAQ's

What are the different types of waste I can put in a RoRo skip?

A RoRo’s skip’s large size allows it to accommodate lots of different types of waste ranging from bulky items like chairs to construction waste. Even so, there are some types of waste that should not be put into any skip. These tend to include hazardous items like chemicals, food waste, plasterboard and more. If you are concerned about your various streams of waste, get in contact and we can produce a comprehensive quote. For instance, if you were performing a large-scale office clearance you may have one RoRo skip for bulky waste and then use our ‘Man & Van’ service to take away WEEE waste. It’s still worth getting in contact with us if you have hazardous or prohibited items as we may be able to organise a specialist service.

What are waste streams and waste codes?

Waste streams and codes are used to effectively identify and track the many different types of waste that may need removing. These codes will quickly allow you to check what category of waste your rubbish falls into and whether or not it is hazardous. Waste handlers are now legally required to provide a waste transfer note detailing what waste has been collected and in what quantities. This paper trail creates a safer environment and ensures businesses handle and dispose of waste properly.

What is WEEE and what are the UK WEEE Regulations?

WEEE is an acronym that stands for waste electrical and electronic equipment recycling. Lots of items fall into this category but a general rule is that if an item can be plugged in or uses batteries it will most likely be WEEE. The WEEE Regulations in the UK established rules to ensure that WEEE is not handled irresponsibly. We will make sure WEEE does not come into contact with the natural environment as electrical items can house hazardous items and chemicals.

Can you handle asbestos and hazardous waste?

If you need to get rid of asbestos we will be able to organise a specialist rubbish removal option. If you have asbestos please let us know during the quote stage so we can tailor our service to suit your requirements.

What is waste management?

Waste management encompasses many tasks such as the tracking and organising of waste removal options. Effective waste management will allow you to get rid of rubbish quicker, cheaper and more sustainably. At the end of each job, we will send you a detailed waste transfer note that will give you all the necessary information and more.

Have you got business and public liability insurance?

We have both business and public liability insurance. If you need to know more about legalities and technicalities, feel free to get in contact and we can make sure we meet any additional requirements you may have.

How do I book a skip?

Commercial skip hire requires more care and attentional than conventional skip hire. At Clearabee we provide personal quote handlers to our customers so they can always have a reliable line of contact. To get in contact with us, simply fill in the form above and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible.

Two brave Clearabee staff who have ventured into space to collect and recycle space rubbish.


Handling your commercial waste responsibly

As the UK’s largest clearance company we take our environmental obligations seriously.


Over 95% of the waste we collect is diverted from landfill and we offset our carbon emissions via our forests. We have planted 6,500 trees in 2018 and another 12,000 which have allowed us to become are carbon neutral company.


Operating from over 100 unique locations and keeping our teams local also ensure we keep our levels of carbon emissions as low as possible.

Our Environment

Trees planted since 2018 across three forests.


Locations meaning driving distance between each job is very low.


Landfill diversion rate on average.