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8 Yard Skip

Dimensions & capacity

Cubic Metres: 6.1M³
Metres: 3.4M (L) 1.7M (W) 1.4 M (H)
Feet: 11.2Ft (L) 5.6 Ft (W) 4.6 Ft (H)

Type of land

What is a 8 yard skip most suitable for?

Like the slightly smaller 6 yard, the 8 yard skip is very flexible and can be used on both domestic and commercial jobs. You may also see this type of skip referred to as a builders skip. 8 yard skips are also one of the more commonly booked types of skips and are popular with a wide range of customers. You won’t be able to place soil or rubble in any skips larger than this one. This is because it is easy to go over the weight limit with skips that have a larger capacity. Even with an 8 yard skip, you shouldn’t fill it exclusively with dense waste as you may go over your weight limit. Get in contact with us if you are unsure if you are hiring the right type of skip.

  • 14 day hire period
  • Affordable
  • Small amounts of soil
  • Kitchen renovations

How it works

Step 1

Book a skip online

Our online booking process allows you to check out with a skip of your choice in a matter of minutes.

Step 2

Your skip arrives

Your skip arrives on a day of your choosing. Make sure there is room for the delivery truck.

Step 3

Fill your skip

Fill your skip with your waste at your own pace. If you haven’t got a delivery date in place, contact us and we’ll get one sorted.

Step 4

Skip is collected

The skip is collected and your waste is responsibly disposed of.

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Skip Hire Do's

Here are a few tips:

  • Acquire permits if necessary
  • Metal
  • Plastics

Skip Hire Don'ts

Get in contact with us if you’re unsure about something.

  • Cover manholes
  • Petrol
  • Freezers
house with a parking sign

Skip permits and parking suspensions?

If required, you can place an 8 yard skip on the road but you will need a skip permit. A suspension will also be required if you intend on using a controlled parking space. Let us know your situation and we will acquire the necessary permits for you.

Skip permit FAQs
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Got light waste and need it gone quick?

Have you considered using a ‘Man and Van’ collection? This quick and affordable service can often provide a more convenient option to hiring a conventional skip.

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