18 May 2021

Skip Bag vs Man and Van Clearances

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Whether you’re slap-bang in the middle of a big spring clean, in the midst of reorganising the shed or looking to make more room in your spare room, piling up the unwanted rubbish is the easy part. But deciding how you can get that rubbish cleared? That part’s always been slightly trickier. Until Clearabee came along, that is.

Clearabee has not only one, but a choice of several rubbish removal options that are available to you. With some of our services more suitable for certain projects than others, this article will guide you through whether buying a Skip Bag or hiring our ‘Man and Van’ service is the right service for you.


Making Time for Rubbish Removals

Skip Bags can be ordered either online or by contacting our friendly office team, before being delivered during the next working day. Whether your clear-out or renovation project gets underway that very same day is completely up to you. Our Skip Bags are delivered in a folded, rolled or flat packed state, depending on the size you order, which means that they can be stored away until needed. Perfect for if your project gets waylaid or if you change your mind.

With Clearabee, you then have six months to fill your bag and book your named-day collection, which you can do through your online account, or again, with our friendly office staff. In some instances, this may be possible on the same day, but this depends on the contents of the clearance and can be advised upon by our office staff.

On the other hand, our Man and Van rubbish removals are renowned for being a rapid reaction service, with same-day collection available if booked before 1pm on the day. It’s important to make sure that the bulk of your waste is ready for collection before you place your order as our clearance teams may be even quicker than you anticipate.

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Skip Bag Security

Whereas a Man and Van service tends to involve having your clear out before leaving your unwanted waste piled up while you wait for your collection, Skip Bags tend to be both tidier and more secure. If your waste is left sat out on your driveway, garden path or lawn, there’s always the chance, no matter how minute, that it can develop into an environmental hazard.

Whether this hazard involves children or animals hurting themselves whilst playing near the pile, or the unwanted waste becoming a temporary home to pests, you’re always safer with a Skip Bag. Securely contained and stored off the floor, your Skip Bag can make sure that no waste goes awry in the wind and that your driveway stays nice and tidy.

What’s more, our eye-catching Skip Bags look alluring in their own right and are less of an eyesore for the neighbours down the road.

The Best of Both

When we say that Clearabee is flexible, we mean it in every sense of the word. No two rubbish clearances are the same and we treat them as such. As mentioned previously, if our office staff are made aware of the nature of the planned contents of the Skip Bag, then there are ways in which we can make our collections even more efficient and environmentally friendly.

In cases such as these, we can use the advantages of both the Skip Bag and Man and Van service. For example, if it’s a single bulky item such as an armchair, a fridge-freezer or a washing machine that you’re looking to have collected, then we may utilise a Man and Van team to remove the item instead of a Heavy Goods Vehicle. In instances such as these, our ultra-light vehicles are more cost-effective and environmentally friendly when compared to an HGV.

This sort of situation also means that we can be flexible with the location of your Skip Bag, with less emphasis on the need for it to be positioned within 4 meters of the road so it can be retrieved by a crane and hoist. In short, if you let us know the Skip Bag’s contents beforehand, we might be able to do the legwork for you.

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Skip the Heavy Lifting

Of course, where Skip Bags can’t quite compare with the Man and Van service, is when it comes to moving the mound of rubbish. Skip Bags need to be filled by the customer themselves and this can often result in umpteen trips from the end of the garden to the bottom of the driveway.

Our Man and Van teams are seasoned professionals when it comes to clearances, with a wealth of experience, manual handling knowledge and personal protective equipment on their side. It goes without saying that filling a Skip Bag can be great exercise, but if time, mobility or even willing is an issue, then a Man and Van rubbish removal service is the right choice for you.

(Skip)Bags of Confidence

Whichever service you choose, Clearabee gives you a whole host of reasons to be confident in your collection. All of our collections are accompanied by a digital Waste Transfer Note which records the details of the job in its entirety. From the registration of the collection vehicle, to the time the job was completed, to the contents of the clearance, this record will give you peace of mind that your waste has been responsibly disposed of.

We can also let you know which Waste Transfer Station has received your waste, as well as the rate which was recycled and diverted from landfill. Our average rate of landfill diversion is at least 95%, so you can be sure that whichever service you use, you’re doing your part to protect the planet too.

If you’re ready to begin that big clear out you’ve always talked about, then get in touch and we’ll help you get started.

Removing rubbish. It’s what we do.

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