30 September 2021

Fridge Disposal

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Here we’ll demystify the reasons that can make old fridges difficult to get rid of and the best fridge disposal options. All types of electrical waste (WEEE) can’t simply be thrown away but there are some extra rules around the disposing of fridges.


Responsible Fridge Disposal

Here are a few of the reasons regarding why fridges should be disposed of properly:

Many fridge’s will still use F gasses if they were made before 2015. This has been phased out to allow for cleaner alternatives. Older fridges would have used Freon which also has a negative impact on the environment and ozone layer. Fridges house intricate and potentially dangerous electrical items such as compressors. Chemicals in fridges such as isobutane can be dangerous if you come into direct contact with them too. Fridges are also a potential fire risk, more so than initially thought according to Which? A few years ago they found that certain designs of fridges made them more susceptible to catching on fire. Since then, tighter rules have been introduced to lower the fire risk of all new fridges.

How to Get Rid of an Old Fridge

Fridge compressor and coil malfunctions as well as leaks are a few common problems that can lead to the end of your fridge’s life. As stated above, a broken fridge cannot be simply thrown away, left on the side of your road and some tips can’t accept fridges. The easiest fridge disposal option is with a Clearabee ‘Man and Van’ collection.

Fridge Disposal Cost

As of when this article was published, a mini load will cost £89.99 and is a service that can collect 1 cubic yard of waste. This is the size of approximately 2 washing machines. If you only need to get rid of a small fridge you can use the extra capacity to get rid of some extra waste – maybe the packaging from your new fridge?

The benefits of a Clearabee fridge disposal and collection include:

-Same-day collection

-Reasonable labour included

-95% of waste collected is recycled

Looking After Your New Fridge

Looking after your new fridge will help extend its life resulting in you having to replace your fridge less often, create less waste and save you money. Which claims that the average fridge can last between 18–29 years. Most of the problems that typically lead to a faulty fridge are best avoided by timely maintenance and services. Repaired point out some key areas that can cause a malfunction. The coils at the back of a fridge are magnets for dust and after years of use can become encased. There are tutorials online so you can learn how to do this yourself but we recommend looking into a specialist. An easier job is ensuring your fridge is at the right temperature. There’s plenty of variables that can impact the temperature of your fridge which includes how full it is and how hot it is outside. It’s recommended that a fridge should be 5°C or below. It’s worth purchasing a fridge thermometer to keep track of your fridge’s temperature, especially during hotter months and heatwaves.

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