13 August 2020

Plasterboard: How to get rid of it

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Plasterboard may be a nice, quick and easy fix when it comes to building supporting walls and ceilings, but unfortunately, it comes with the side effect of being a specialist waste stream that can be hazardous if not disposed of properly. As the UK’s largest man and van waste clearance company, Clearabee know a thing or two about rubbish removal, so let’s take a look at the safest and most responsible ways to get rid of plasterboard.

Plasterboard: The Uses

According to GreenSpec, the UK uses 270 million square meters of plasterboard (gypsum and paper) alongside 60 million bags of plaster each and every year. This number covers uses for the repair and renovation of walls, ceilings, sound limitation and fire protection in existing domestic and commercial properties, as well as new builds all across the UK.

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Such widespread use often results in an excess of unused plasterboard which unfortunately isn’t as easily disposed of as other construction materials. It is advisable that in instances such as this, the surplus plasterboard should either be returned to the manufacturer/supplier, transferred to another site or directed to a local Household Waste Recycling Centre.

Plasterboard: The Dangers

So, what is it that’s so dangerous about plasterboard that it needs to be classified as a specialist waste? Although Plasterboard itself is non-hazardous, the method of its disposal has to be carefully controlled in order to prevent it from becoming hazardous. If the plasterboard is disposed of with mixed waste, or simply becomes wet due to being uncovered, it can begin to putrefy.

Over time the putrefaction process can result in the production of hydrogen sulphide which can cause complications if inhaled. Lesser concentrations can result in minor irritations due to the rotten egg smell that’s emitted. However, continued exposure can result in nausea, tearing up, headaches, loss of sleep and potential airway problems for those with asthma.


For these reasons, plasterboard cannot be disposed of with household waste, even in small amounts. Small amounts of plasterboard can, of course, be transported to a local Household Recycling Centre as long as it transported without coming in to contact with any other waste. In the case of renovation or construction work, the plasterboard must be disposed of in a designated, ideally covered, plasterboard skip.

Plasterboard: How Clearabee can help

Of course, if you end up with an amount of plasterboard that you can’t transport to your local Waste Transfer Station then Clearabee are here to help and we have a number of options available to you.

Firstly, you can book our on-demand ‘Man and Van’ rubbish removal service to remove the plasterboard for you. These services can often attend your property or site on the very same day and can quickly remove your unwanted plasterboard before safely disposing of it. You can book using our hassle-free online booking service, where you’ll have the chance to submit a photograph so our friendly office team can supply you with a quote for the collection.

Alternatively, you can simply book our ‘Man and Van’ waste clearance services and just pay the call-out fee upfront. One of our field teams can then attend your property and price up how much plasterboard you have to dispose of, before responsibly getting rid of it on your behalf.


In the case of large quantities of plasterboard – as a result of renovation projects or construction work – Clearabee are able to provide a dedicated commercial skip service. This should only be used to contain plasterboard so it can then be transferred and safely disposed of at a local Waste Transfer Station. Making use of one of Clearabee’s Skip Bags can also be a safe way to get rid of unwanted plasterboard, as long as the Skip Bag is purely used for plasterboard.

In any of the above cases, Clearabee will supply you with a digital Waste Transfer Note which will advise you as to the Waste Transfer Station that your plasterboard has been disposed at, so you can be confident that it has been responsibly and safely removed.

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