11 March 2021

Garden Waste Removal

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With Spring on the horizon, gardens all across the UK are ready to be spruced up and tidied up with the winter’s worth of waste cleared up. Depending on what waste you want removing from your garden, we’ll be able to advise which of our rubbish removal services is most suitable for which waste stream.

Follow this link if you want to jump straight to booking your garden waste removal or give Clearabee a buzz to discuss your clearance needs. Otherwise, let’s get started.


Garden Waste Removal: Bricks, Rubble and Soil

One of the most difficult waste streams to remove from your garden can be bricks, rubble, soil and gravel. If you’re removing a wall, pulling up a patio or digging borders and getting rid of the soil, the best option for you depends on the weight you need to remove.

Due to the porous composition of bricks, rubble and soil, it’s not a suitable waste stream to remove using our ‘Man and Van’ service. Instead, Skip Bags or skips are a much more appropriate option due to the secure storage that they offer. However, there are some weight restrictions in place when dealing with this sort of waste.


Due to the heavy, dense nature of such material, skips and Skip Bags cannot exceed the weight restrictions that apply to the Heavy Goods Vehicle which is dispatched to pick up the waste. This is a legal requirement and therefore unnegotiable so Clearabee has set out the following guidance:

If you’re thinking of using a skip to remove this waste stream, then you are limited to using an 8-yard skip but it is advisable to stick to a 4-yard or 6-yard skip just to be certain. Similarly, if you are using a Skip Bag to remove these streams, you should limit yourself to a small Skip Bag.

Also be sure not to fill the skip beyond the “Level load” line. Failing to observe these restrictions may result in your skip not being collected as planned with the customer incurring a waste journey fee.


Garden Waste Removal: Garden Furniture

Garden furniture such as sheds, rattan table and chairs and children’s swing sets can be bulky and awkward to dispose of without assistance from a clearance company such as Clearabee. Often too big to fit into a car and difficult to break down, it’s a much more convenient option to hire a ‘Man and Van’ clearance service. Without worrying about mixing waste streams, you can simply pile up these sort of items in a corner of the garden, get in touch with Clearabee and let us take care of the rest.

garden furniture

Whilst getting rid of such items, think about getting the most for your money. If you’re already paying the call-out fee, then you may as well get rid of all the items that you’ve been putting off, for only a fraction of a cost increase. Whether it’s ceramic plant pots, broken trellises or leftover slabs, these can easily be added to your order, with our waste operatives providing you with an accurate quote once they attend your property. It really is that easy.

You can read more about BBQ removals and Garden furniture in our blog section.


The Garden Waste Calculator

Our Waste Calculator can help you to work out how much waste you have and how much it will cost you to remove. You can choose from the most-commonly found garden items from grass to fence panels to garden swing sets and the waste calculator will present you with a price. The quote that you receive will be specific to your location and will usually offer you a selection of options for removing your garden waste.

For example, to remove 350kg of grass (estimated at 7yd3), 20kg of patio slabs and a 20kg pallet in the Bristol area will give you a couple of pathways from which to choose. In this case, skip hire would be your most cost-effective option, costing £244.80 to clear 8 cubic yard of garden waste. Whereas the same 8yd3 garden waste clearance by our ‘Man and Van’ service will cost £259.99.

garden graphic

There are some other elements to consider, however. Whereas our skip hire service can you provide you with next-day delivery, a 14-day period within which to fill your skip and the peace of mind of secure waste storage, you will need to have the space on your property to store your skip and you will need to carry out the labour yourself.

Our ‘Man and Van’ garden waste removal service can usually attend your property on the very same day as your order and carry out all of the labour on your behalf.


Garden Clearances with Clearabee

It’s not just your garden that you can keep green with Clearabee. We only use approved and audited local Waste Transfer Stations that divert from landfill at least 95% of your waste. We’re also a carbon neutral service due to our ultra-light vehicles, short journeys (less than 15 miles each on average) and reforestation projects. These projects have seen 19,674 trees planted, forming two new UK forests which are estimated to offset 1,886 tonees of carbon.


You can also be sure that your garden waste is in good hands. We’ll issue you with a Waste Transfer Note once your unwanted items have been tipped. This note forms part of your Duty of Care and demonstrates due diligence. The note details what waste has been cleared, which vehicle collected it and which Waste Transfer Station it was taken to. This note is kept on record for future reference and peace of mind that you’re not contributing to the fly-tipping programme.

Follow this link for more on Clearabee’s garden clearances or get in touch to book your garden waste removal now.


Rubbish removal. It’s what we do.

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