15 September 2020

Garage Clear-Outs for Winter

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For those of you in need of a garage clear-out, you will probably be familiar with the feeling of embarrassment at thought of chaos hiding behind the garage door. Said garage owners (ourselves included) are regularly haunted by thoughts of: “when will I get round to cleaning it, how long is it going to take and I hope no one ever sees that awful mess before I get round to it”.

The Benefits of Garage Clear-outs

The trigger to take action to clear your garage may be caused by the approaching autumn/winter, a house move or the simple fact that its capacity for clutter has hit its limit. Clearing out your garage brings a great deal of benefits and opportunities. If you own a weekend (or even a classic) car, the garage becomes the perfect place to protect it against the weathers of the colder months. Even for your everyday car, parking in the garage during the winter allows for a quicker morning commute as you don’t have to worry about cold engines and window frost.


Cars aren’t the only reason to clear your garage, in fact it has been found that only 22% of car owners use their garage to store their car. Plenty of UK residents are renovating their garage to extend their home and get more use from what was before, just a large rubbish cupboard. Garages have been cleared and renovated for:


Spaces to start and practice a new hobby like music, crafts and sports.

Multi-purposed storage with fridges, freezers, fitted cupboards and drawers etc

Charging stations for electric vehicles

Home offices

Bathrooms and wet rooms

Children’s playrooms

Home gyms


Clearing Out Your Waste

Your garage can be home a multitude of waste; squash rackets that were used once and never again or maybe tents left unused after both camping trips you went on were total washouts. We’ll go through a few examples of waste that can be found in your garage and how we could help get rid of it:

Bulky Waste

Bulky waste like old furniture and mattresses can amass in your garage as it’s difficult to deal with. Wardrobes are heavy and moving them are ‘two-man’ jobs and then there’s the task of fitting it in your car. There’s the age-old dilemma of not knowing how to collapse the back seats and at what angle will the wardrobe best fit. Our ‘Man and Van’ service is ideal for this scenario. Our fleet of over 100 vehicles are manned by teams of two where appropriate and can often be at your garage within the same day of your enquiry. Reasonable labour is included so we’ll do all the heavy lifting for you.


General Waste, Recyclables and Leftover DIY Materials

For whatever reason, not all of your general waste will end up in the bin. Maybe your council-collected bin was full that week so you decided to keep some packaging in the garage ready for next week. But what if you forget about it and it’s left in the garage for months instead of just days? Then there’s the leftover wood from new sheds or halves of tiles from DIY bathroom make-overs. These quickly accumulate and what was one trip to the tip is now three full cars’ worth. Our Skip Bags can be a great solution as they come in a range of sizes. You can keep the bag at your home and complete your garage clear-out over a few days too. On a day of your choice we’ll come and pick up the Skip Bag, leaving you with a tidy garage.

bin bags

WEEE (Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment)

New tech trends and lowered prices of existing tech on the market may be a couple of reasons as to why you might purchase a new electrical item. A lot of the time a new piece of tech is purchased to replace an old one. As your new smart coffee machine takes pride of place in the kitchen your old one gets demoted to the garage. How about every time you change internet provider? They send you a new router which creates even more WEEE to compile in the garage. WEEE cannot be left in your household bin but the good news is that a lot can be recycled. Clearabee are proud to be able to recycle over 95% of the waste we collect. If left in landfill, hazardous materials may leak into the earth and do irreparable damage, which makes the responsible handling of WEEE so incredibly important.

About Clearabee

Clearabee is the UK’s largest ‘Man and Van’ clearance company. We have over 100 vehicles stationed across the nation which allows to complete over 150,000 jobs a year. Our wide range of services and professional teams of waste operatives gain thousands of excellent reviews. We are even able to provide same day waste collections. So if you’re planning a quick clean or a large-scale gutting for your garage, we’re a perfect option for clearing the residual waste.

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