23 June 2021

BBQ Disposal

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It’s around this time every year that tabloids and online news outlets start to buzz with news stories of ‘we’re forecasting once in a lifetime heatwaves’ and ‘did you know this obscure town in Cornwall is hotter than the entire of Spain today’. Needless to say, there is a palpable appetite for some good weather so we can enjoy being outdoors again.


An article by Farming UK showcased an increase in the sales of red meats in the UK which they predicted was caused by a combination of lockdowns and BBQ weather. It’s not just the steak-lovers who have expressed their purchasing powers as Waitrose have seen a large increase in sales of their vegan BBQ products. All of this will naturally lead to more people using and purchasing BBQs. With this come many who may need a BBQ disposal service for their old one.


BBQ Disposal – How to get rid of an old BBQ?

For the most convenient and swift option in getting rid of your old BBQ will be with the aid of a Clearabee collection. A Flexible ‘Man and Van’ collection costs £84.99 and collects a cubic yard of waste as of when this article was posted. A cubic yard is equivalent to two washing machines which may be greater in size than a single BBQ. If so you can use the additional allowance to get rid of any other items that you have been wanting to be free of for a while. Maybe you need to get rid of some waste in the shed to make room to store your new purchase. There’s also the vast amounts of packaging a new BBQ comes with, we can save you an overfilled bin by taking that away with us.


Are BBQs Recyclable?

Many BBQs sold will be made of stainless steel which is good news in terms of sustainability. Stainless steel, once returned to its rawest form is completely recyclable. The producing and recycling of stainless steel is a very clean and safe process. This is important in the case of BBQs, cutlery and pans as they are used with food. Other common materials include cast iron and enamel. A Clearabee collection will see your old BBQ handled responsibly as we are able to recycle 95% of the rubbish we collect with our BBQ disposal service.


How to look after a BBQ

If you are replacing an old BBQ you may want to take some extra care to try and get a few more years of use out of your new one. Which provides a couple of guidelines on how to care for your BBQ that include keeping it clean. The best tool for this task is a steel-bristled brush with the aid of some soapy water. Repeated cooking and cleaning can lead to rust if you don’t season your BBQ with oils. Different materials must be treated with different oils so check what is best for your BBQ. Some materials can simply be treated with a thin layer of vegetable oil. One of the largest risks to the longevity of your BBQs life are the weathers of Autumn and Winter. With this in mind it’s well worth purchasing a cover for your BBQ if you cannot store it in a shed or garage during the colder months.


Need any other items removing?

We are able to collect a range of different types of waste with services suited to both private homes and businesses. From a skip hire service to wheelie bin collections, we’ll have a suitable option to meet your requirements. Our excellent and prompt service has led us to quickly become the UK’s largest clearance company. Next time you need a BBQ or any other difficult to deal with item getting rid of, leave it to Clearabee.

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