19 March 2021

Home Office Clearances

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As the UK prepares to starting lifting the current lockdown restrictions, decisions are being made around whether a remote working space in your home is to become a permanent fixture or if there is a need for a home office clearance. As the UK’s largest clearance company, Clearabee are here to provide a one-stop solution, be it via our ‘Man and Van’ clearance service, our range of skip hire options or our Skip Bag rubbish removal bags.

If you already know what you want from your rubbish removals, then simply book your clearance now or get in touch with us to request a call back.

With the Office of National Statistics revealing that 46.6% of people did some work at home from April 2020, it seems safe to assume that in March 2021, the actual figure is even higher still. That’s a lot of home offices that have been set up in a 12-month period. But as we all look forward to restrictions lifting and a sense of normality resuming, some workplaces are going fully remote whilst others are returning to the office.

For many, this means that those temporary working conditions with cheap office chairs and makeshift desks might need to become permanent with upgraded ergonomic office chairs and a sturdier, more spacious desk. But this leaves you with the job of getting rid of the temporary office furniture. The same can also be said for those who are headed back to the office; it’s time to get rid of the office furniture and reclaim your space. In either scenario, Clearabee can help.


‘Man and Van’ Home Office Clearances

By far the most flexible and convenient options for removing your old office furniture is the ‘Man and Van’ clearance service. Whereas with skip hire and Skip Bags you are limited with which waste streams you can mix and which you can dispose of, the ‘Man and Van’ service can remove a variety of waste streams in the same trip and very often, on the same day as your order.

Whereas many old-fashioned desks are purely made of wood and perhaps some removable metal handles, many modern desks now have electronic and plastic components which make the desks more difficult to recycle. And the same can be said for office chairs; many chairs nowadays have additional components which can complicate the recycling process. Clearabee’s typical landfill diversion rate is at least 95%, which means that whatever you’re getting rid of, you can be sure that you’re doing your part for the planet.

If you’re planning on getting rid of laptops, monitors and pc towers, then the ‘Man and Van service is once again the most convenient service for you. You would be prohibited from disposing of these waste streams in a skip or mixed with other waste in a Skip Bag due to the hazardous nature of the waste streams; these items cannot simply be sent to landfill or easily recycled.

Although it’s always nice to have a range of options available to you when you’re thinking about clearing unwanted electrical items or office furniture, how do you know which one you should choose?

Home Office Clearance Waste Calculator

Clearabee’s waste calculator not only adds up the items you want removing, but it also presents the most suitable and responsible solution. For example, if you were to clear an office lamp, chair, desk and standing bookshelves in the North London area, then the waste calculator would present you with the option of the ‘Man and Van’ (at £134.99), hiring a 4y3 skip (at £241.13) or buying a Skip Bag at £219.99.

But add a laptop to that load, and the skip and Skip Bag options are removed due to the hazardous nature of the laptop, leaving you with the ‘Man and Van’ option, which also happens to have been the most cost-effective anyway. Why not give the waste calculator a try? Just select the items from around your office and enter your postcode to get a direct quote for your home office clearance.

The Waste Calculator also has the option to select other items from your home, office or garden too so if you’re clearing your home office, it might also be a good opportunity to clear other areas of your house. If want to get the most out of your waste removal take a look at our guides to room clearances and whole house clearances.

Home Office Clearances with Clearabee

As long as you book before 1pm, the chances are that we can attend your property on the very same day, regardless of where you are in the UK. We can remove items from both inside and outside of your property as long as it is safe to do so and each collection has 30 minutes of reasonable labour already included in the price. Which means we can do all of the heavy lifting for you.

lifting a chair

We issue a Waste Transfer Note after each and every waste collection so you have proof of your Duty of Care and evidence of due diligence. The note forms a record of what has been collected and by which vehicle, which local Waste Transfer Station the items have been taken to as well as the landfill diversion rate (which is over 95% on average). This means that you can be sure that your waste won’t end up in a field or in a layby somewhere and that you’re not contributing to the fly-tipping problem. In short, you can have confidence in Clearabee.

Whatever the future has in store for your remote working arrangements, Clearabee’s home office clearances can get you back to work in no time. Book your home office clearance now or request that Clearabee give you a buzz.

Removing rubbish. It’s what we do.

All prices featured in this article were correct at the time of going to press.

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