21 July 2020

Wait and Load Skips: What are they?

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Even if some people have never had the need to hire a skip, most people have got a reasonably good idea of how the service works. Skip hire services (such as Clearabee’s) are perfect for rubbish removal when the waste has to be kept on site or when the waste itself is heavy. But standard skip hire does pose some problems for some customers, which is where Wait and Load skips come into their own.

The standard period for skip hire tends to be 14 days, which gives customers a fortnight to get their skip filled up and ready for collection. This provides plenty of opportunity to make the most of the skip as well as the time to complete the project in hand. However, whether we’re talking small, medium or large skips, they are bulky, space consuming and can become an obstacle if they are sitting on your driveway for two weeks.


Customers can also face complications with having a skip sat on their driveway for a fortnight: it can be terribly tempting for neighbours who may wish to take advantage of the free rubbish removal. This is not to mention the environmental hazards which can be present from having unsecured rubbish on your property.

Additionally, skip hire customers whose property does not have a driveway would need to apply for a permit so the skip can be situated on the street. In certain circumstances, a parking bay suspension may also be in order and these exemptions come with a cost implication or could be refused by the local authority completely.

These are just a few reasons why customers prefer to go for Wait and Load.

What is Wait and Load?

Just as the name suggests, Wait and Load Skips eliminate the need for a two-week skip placement on your property. Your chosen skip size will be delivered to you as it usually would be with a standard skip hire (in some cases as quickly as the same day) but it will be situated as close as possible to both the waste and the skip lorry so as to guarantee a speedy service.


With the speed of service in mind, Wait and Load Skips operate in a similar way to a ‘Man and Van’ rubbish removal service, in that the waste that you want removing must be ready to load and remove when the skip lorry arrives. If your rubbish collection isn’t ready, you’re unnecessarily spending money and you may not have enough time to completely load the skip.

Where this service differs from the ‘Man and Van’ service though, is that the skip lorry driver waits on site while you load the skip yourself. This reduces the cost of the Wait and Load skip hire service in comparison to a standard skip hire as the skip can be quickly emptied and passed on to the next customer and so on.

Wait and Load Waiting Times

Drivers’ waiting time is included in the cost of the service, but this will vary depending on the skip hire provider and this should be checked before booking so you can make sure you have enough time to load. The majority of providers will quote for between 30 minutes to an hour of waiting time so it’s important that you assess the amount of waste you want removing and consider getting more hands to help with the loading if appropriate.


However, you can often purchase more time if you’re likely to need more of a window for loading and this should be booked when placing the original order to avoid complications further down the line. Some companies will also charge to provide additional labour to help you get the skip loaded in next to no time but this, of course, has an impact on the cost effectiveness of the service.

A Wait and Load Skip service means that you don’t need to pay for a skip permit or a parking suspension, which is perfect for locations such as the city centre where placing a skip is often impossible and permits are regularly refused. Check out our handy FAQs for more information on skip permits and parking suspensions.

So, if you’ve after a rapid rubbish removal, Wait and Load is more cost-effective and convenient than standard skip hire, but less suitable if you’re undertaking a longer-term renovation project. If you’re ready to try out your first Wait and Load Skip or commercial skip services, then book now or get in touch with our friendly office team who will be able to advise accordingly.

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