6 August 2021

Simple TV Disposal Service

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Since initially being invented in 1927, television revolutionized the way we consume media. From black and white to 4k resolutions, the humble TV set has kept us up-to-date with current affairs and filled our spare time with light entertainment. What do we do with our old TVs once they are broken? We’ll look into some insights and explore the best TV collection service.


The number of people who will possibly require an effective rubbish removal service for TV potentially numbers in the millions. Statista found that 26.8 million houses in the UK had at least one television. They also found that is increasingly hard to purchase a non-smart TV in one of TV’s latest technological advances.

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Trends in how people are using their television may be leading people to throw out their old television sets in favour of a smart TV. The Times found the uptake of TV licences fell by 82,000 in 2020. The huge popularity of streaming services such as Netflix are obvious contributors to this change. Whether you get rid of your old TV for updated tech or that it has broke, it is defined as WEEE (waste electrical and electronic equipment recycling).

How to Dispose of a Broken TV

WEEE is more difficult to deal with than general waste as the plastics and chemicals they may contain can contaminate the environment. Even small items such as wires should not be disposed of via a black bin. Modern TVs are also large and can be classified as bulky waste. If you need a TV removing with maximum convenience, try a Clearabee ‘Man and Van’ waste & TV collection.

TV Disposal Service

As of when this article was published, a flexible removal costs £84.99 and can clear your waste on a same-day basis. As this collects a cubic yards worth of waste we may also be able to collect more electronic items you need to get rid of like broken tablets and laptops. Once your waste is taken away you can have peace of mind that your waste will be handled responsibly. We are able to recycle 95% of the waste we collect and have also become a carbon-neutral company via our Clearabee forests.

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Smart TV Disposal

Onsitego details some of the more common smart TV malfunctions. These include your tv not powering on which can be caused by a faulty self-diagnostic system. Other parts that can malfunction include back-lighting systems, LCD panels, circuit boards which can manifest problems from flicking screens to only being able to display half a screen.

Tech Penny stated in an article that a smart TV shouldn’t break any quicker than a non-smart TV, although they mainly focus on build quality. What isn’t mentioned is how many smart TVs will drop or not be able to support certain applications. This came to light more so when Disney launched its own streaming service of which many Disney fans could not install or use on their smart TV. There’s also the simple fact that smart TVs are similar to computers, and like computers they become slower or are susceptible to technical glitches like freezing as they age. You can prolong the life of your TV by purchasing many of the streaming sticks that are available. As seen in Tech Advisor, Amazon Fire Sticks and Chromecasts are both affordable options if your TV is starting to show signs of its age.

Getting Rid of a Functioning TV

If you need to get rid of a functioning TV you easily help divert it away from being wasted and make some money by utilising the myriad of online marketplaces. Downsides include having to put time into adding items to marketplaces, responding to enquiries and having to drop off the TV if your buyer can’t pick it up themselves.

TV Removal Service

If you do need to get rid of your TV or any other tech, Clearabee can provide the most convenient solution. Our same-day TV collections will see your old tech promptly taken off your hands and sustainably handled to ensure we can recycle as much of the waste we collect as possible.

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