How to Remove Built in Hob

How to Remove Built in Hob

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Our guide covers how to remove a built in hob if it uses a mains plug. From hob replacements to full-scale kitchen demolitions, we can help clear the resulting waste.


As we previously mentioned, ovens with hobs attached tend to require a lot of power and might be hardwired. Again, in these cases seek the help of an electrician. If you use a gas oven we'd also recommend seeking out a professional.

Many modern kitchens will have separate ceramic/glass hobs that can often be plugged into the mains which makes the installation and removal a lot easier. This may not be the case with every stand-alone hob so check and make sure how your hob receives power before attempting to remove it.

Step 1 - Unplug Hobs

Locate the outlet where the hob is plugged into, turn it off and unplug it. It shouldn’t be too far away from the hob as the cord doesn’t tend to stretch further than 2 meters.

Step 2 - Remove Sealent and Lift

Once unplugged, you will probably find that your hobs will be sealed onto the countertop with caulk or clear silicon. You can break this seal by running a utility knife across the sealant. You may have to slide a scrapper underneath to prise the hob up a little further.

With the hob free you can lift it up and move it elsewhere and out of the way. A Clearabee collection will get rid of electrical waste like hobs that can be difficult to get rid of on your own.