Kitchen Removal Guide

Kitchen Removal Guide

Guide by Clearabee

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Whether you’re just replacing an old sink or completely remodeling your kitchen, these processes can produce some cumbersome waste. Within this guide, we’ll showcase some of the best options to having items like ovens, kitchen cabinets, vinyl flooring and more removed with Clearabee. We’ve also included some step-by-step guides if you’re looking to perform some DIY tasks in your kitchen. 

If you are unexperienced or unsure about performing any of these jobs we’d recommend getting in contact with a professional instead. Once the jobs are completed, we can simply collect the resulting waste and leave you with a tidy new kitchen.  

Whether you need to lift your kitchen sink, hobs or counter, you'll need a few tools. Each page will have its own list but here are some tools you may require.

What you may need for these DIY jobs:

  • scrapper, chisel, utility knife, crowbar, work gloves, work glasses, adjustable spanner and screwdriver.