How to Remove an Oven

How to Remove an Oven

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Our how to remove an oven guide will help you uninstall this item and we can then provide a specialist service to make your kitchen removal a smooth experience.


Step 1 - Initial Checks and Unplug

If you have a gas oven or an oven that is hardwired to the mains you should not attempt to remove or unplug the oven on your own. A small oven will often not require hard wiring while larger ovens and ovens with hobs may require more power and will be hardwired. In these cases, you should seek the help of a professional. Prices for removal/installation can vary but tend to range from £50 - £120 when performed by an electrician.

A lot of smaller modern ovens are designed to be plugged into the mains. If you can access the mains plug you can simply turn it off and unplug it.

Step 2 - Loosen Screws

The vast majority of ovens come in a standard size and width to easily fit into kitchens around the UK. In most cases, you’ll find that ovens will be screwed in place to fasten them into kitchen counters. If you open the oven door you will usually be able to locate these screws here. Once these are unscrewed you should be able to grip the oven and pull it out. This is especially useful if the plug is located behind the oven. 

Step 4 - Lift Oven

Once everything is unplugged you can pull your oven out all of the way.

The best service to get rid of items like ovens and dishwashers is our 'Man and Van' service. Once ordered we can be at your door on the same day of your enquiry and do all the heavy lifting for you.