3 April 2020

The Perfect Weather for a Clear Out

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A Clearer Weekend

This weekend looks set to see temperatures soaring as 18℃ looks to be the average temp across the UK on Sunday. This is a healthy hike from the usual 10 -13℃ which we’re used to in April so we can all look forward to a brighter few days this Saturday and Sunday.

A Met Office spokesman told The Metro; ‘Changes in the wind direction in spring (and autumn) give some of the biggest contrasts in the feel of the weather. Thursday will see cold northerlies but by Sunday we will have warmer southerlies.’

If this marks the beginning of a long summer, then what better way to spend our weekends than by getting outdoors and heading into the garden? It’s the perfect weather for getting together with those in your household and getting the BBQ fired up.

However, there’s only so much BBQ-ing you can do each day and before that, we’ve got a list that’s as long as your arm of jobs that needs doing in the garden. And we’re probably not alone. Our gardens need to be prepared and up for the challenge of the summer and for many, this means removing the rubbish that’s been allowed to build up during the winter.

Clearing Out Your Shed

Lawnmowers have no doubt been demoted to the bottom of the shed throughout the winter and unfortunately, they now need to be dugout. Certain members of the Clearabee team know from experience that some sheds are housing bikes that the kids have long since grown out of, DIY odds and ends that will never be used and even offcuts of worktops which just seemed too nice to throw away at the time.

But it’s time to face facts and get tough: it’s rubbish and it needs to be removed. Clearabee can help with that.


Clearing Up After Yourself

Perhaps this weekend is your chance to get a brand new project up and running. Thinking of the environment, now’s the time for upcycling so how about building some new garden decking out of disused pallets? Have you thought about building a treehouse to keep the kids occupied and to give you some peace and quiet? Or maybe that shed needs upgrading to afford you a little more space?

Once you’ve decided on your sunny day project, you just need to decide what you’re going to do with all the waste that will be created in the process. Clearabee can help with that.


Clearing Up Your Home Office

Perhaps it’s time to settle down for the long haul and start thinking about building that home office for remote working. Thinking ergonomically, now’s the time to get rid of the dressing table and replace it with an actual desk. Say bye-bye to backache and swap that stool for an office chair. Maybe think about clearing out the junk room and setting up shop in there instead of sitting on your bed.

These all sound like sensible suggestions so the only question is: how are you going to remove the old, unwanted furniture? Clearabee can help with that.



Whilst tips and civil amenities sites are temporarily closed and the general public are being encouraged not to create more waste than local authority collections can handle, Clearabee is on hand to assist with all of your waste removal requirements so you don’t have to slow down.

Our ‘man and van’ rubbish removal service is flexible enough that if your project gets bigger than originally envisaged, you can simply pay the call-out fee and then be charged for the total wastage upon collection. Easy.

If you’re looking at a project that’s even bigger still, with heavy waste removal involved, then you might want to think about our skip hire service. Skips can be hired for 14 days and we can organise the skip permit on your behalf if it’s required. The only thing you need to do yourself is to fill the skip.

If it’s even more flexibility you’re after, then a Skip Bag might be the right choice for you. Skip Bags are great for the removal of a mixture of bulky and light waste and come with a free, next-day delivery and are eco-friendly so increase the chance of more sunny days.

Whichever service you decide is right for you, Clearabee can help with that, leaving you to enjoy the sunshine.

Removing Rubbish. It’s what we do.

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