19 March 2020

Remote Working During Coronavirus COVID-19

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Remote Working During Coronavirus

As the Financial Times reports that KPMG sent all 8,000 of their London-based employees off-site to work remotely, both workers and employees alike are coming up against new challenges in the face of the Coronavirus. Whereas many employees are more than ready to self-isolate and work from home, the question is: Is your home ready for work?

As announced by the Chancellor, Rishi Sunak, £330bn in loans, a business rates holiday and grants for retailers and pubs have no doubt offered a safety net of sorts. However, businesses both big and small will be wanting to maximise their performance during such uncertain times in order to secure a successful future. And for many, this future comes in the shape of remote working.


Working From Home

The concept of home working is nothing new though, and before the outbreak of the Coronavirus, there was already a growing proclivity towards the practice. BBC Radio 5 Live reported a 74% hike in the numbers of those people working from home in the ten years between 2008 and 2018, resulting in over 1.5 million workers now being based in their own homes.

These numbers are set to increase whilst ways of working are being reassessed in light of technological advances and pandemic responses. Laptops are being bulk brought up by companies for employees whilst others are subsidising broadband costs. Scores of office-based staff are being consulted on their capability to work from their own homes, but it’s not always as simple as sitting on your sofa, and suitable space is especially important.

Perhaps even more than when in your usual workplace, maintaining a work-life balance is imperative whilst working from home in order to departmentalise your work and your family life. A separate and appropriate space from which to work is high on the list of working from home tips, alongside getting dressed in work attire, taking regular breaks and communicating via telephone or video with your colleagues.

Home Offices

Home offices are by far the most sound solution for this, but the biggest problem is whether or not you have the room to spare. With space at a premium, the junk room or spare room could make the ideal candidate for a makeshift, or even a more permanent office. However, as the name implies, many people’s spare or junk rooms are full of old baby clothes, the remnants of age-old hobbies or fitness fads.

What better time to clear those old odds and ends and maximise your spare room in order to develop your dream home office? Or perhaps it’s time to plan the perfect place to start that new project? Clearing such spaces does not seem to find the time to squeeze into most people’s working weeks and that’s where Clearabee comes in. With our man and van rubbish clearance service, you could have the room to get your home office up and running as early as tomorrow afternoon.

Coronavirus: What are Clearabee doing?

Let’s not forget the reason that the majority of us are working from home. With the Coronavirus firmly at the forefront of our mind, here’s why you can have confidence in Clearabee:

No cash handled. Card payments can be made over the phone or read out to us from a safe distance

No contact with PDA’s – our staff will submit and sign off the paperwork and compliance documentation on your behalf

Each day, our staff certify that they have not exhibited, or come into contact with, any of the symptoms of COVID-19

Our regular internal communications raise awareness using the most up to date information available

We are asking customers if they have symptoms or are isolating due to exposure, reducing the risk to everyone

Contact-free collections – leave your waste in a separate, spare room or outside and we’ll do the rest.

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Self-isolation and Self-improvements

It’s also essential to keep active whilst working from home in order to avoid issues such as musculoskeletal problems, repetitive stress injuries and a less-than-scientific case of cabin fever. All of these issues can stem from a significant change in your working environment, so perhaps multi-tasking can alleviate some of these ailments, all whilst you’re working from home.

Perhaps self-isolation is the opportunity to deal with all of those Do-It-Yourself jobs which have sat unfinished, or not even started. Is your garden piled up with pallets from that ambitious decking endeavour that turned into a debacle? Have the months slipped by and left you with a Christmas tree that’s making the garden look less than merry? One call to Clearabee and it can be taken care of.

Whenever you start thinking about DIY projects, things can often start running away from you and the urge to upgrade becomes undeniable. If this is the case then perhaps our skip hire service will be more suitable, especially if dealing with larger, bulkier items. In particular, that converted garden shed, loft or outhouse could be the ideal solution for maximising the space in your home. Where to put the clutter might be the only barrier to getting that project up and running, with our new skip bag service as the simple solution that you’ve been searching for.

In addition to the size of the skip or skip bag, you will need to give some thought to the location of your skip and as to whether or not you’ll require a skip permit, but these questions can be easily addressed via our skip hire FAQ page or by contacting Clearabee directly.

Easy and stress-free removals, which typically adhere to our average 95% recycle rate, guarantee a trust-worthy and conscience-clear service. For your own peace of mind, our electronic Waste Transfer Notes comprise your Duty of Care. We have offset the carbon used by our vehicles by planting our own forests and are the largest and most reviewed ‘man and a van’ company in the UK.

Removing rubbish. It’s what we do. Regardless of Coronavirus.

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