15 April 2021

Office Chair Removal

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It’s been over a whole year since the 1st lockdown in the UK was announced which caused a monumental shift in the way many employees perform their day-to-day tasks. For many office workers this has consisted mainly of the migration from the conventional office to a home-working setup. After spending so long working from home you may be looking to upgrade your setup with a more supportive office chair. This can leave you with a bulky item of waste that can be difficult to get rid of. If you need to get rid of an office chair quickly, Clearabee can provide a convenient rubbish and office chair removal service.

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Home Office Chairs

The dilemma of what to purchase for your home office and how much to spend on a new chair is a new a widespread decision with Finder reporting that 60% of UK adults are now working from home. This research also found that many believed that working from home has reduced their expenditure. This may lead some to spend more on their home offices to make them more comfortable. Sources predict that you could easily spend £400 if you were to start a basic home office set up from scratch.

If you are in the market for a new office chair there are plenty of sites like Which that have compiled lists of some of the best you can buy in 2021. These include chairs from shops like:


Shop: Wayfair

Price: £77.99


Shop: Argo

Price: £100


Shop: IKEA

Price: £150


The benefits of purchasing a new office chair extends further than the basic fact that it will make your home office look nicer and more professional. A good office chair will improve your posture and reduce the risks of strain to your back, hips and neck. Your more comfortable and relaxed position can also have a positive impact on your workflow improve productivity.


How to Get Rid of Old Office Chairs

The purchasing of a new chair can mean you need to get rid of your old one due to wear and tear or simply not having enough room to keep it anymore. For the quickest and most efficient method to get rid of your old chair, try Clearbee. As well as same-day rubbish collections we will also ensure that your old office chair is responsibly disposed of. We can recycle over 95% of the waste we collect and have become and carbon-neutral company via our own Clearabee forests.

Clearabee Office Chair Removal

Our ‘Man and Van’ collection starts with a flexible collection which costs £89.99 collects a cubic yard worth of waste. This is equivalent to around 2 washing machines which is understandably more than an office chair. With that in mind, we can collect your old chair and the large amounts of packaging created from the delivery of your new chair. We may be able to collect more if you haven’t already used up the cubic yard quota. If your example, you’ve got an old printer that has broke gathering dust in the garage, this provides the perfect opportunity to get rid of it with your office chair removal.

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We don’t only provide waste and office chair removals, our range of services extends to wheelie bin emptying, Skip Bags and skip hire services. If you can contact us here or even check out our waste calculator that can produce an instant quote based on the rubbish you need removing.

The prices in the this article were correct at the time of writing, visit our service pages for up to date prices and booking information.


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