13 April 2020

Spring Cleaning is in the Air

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Spring Cleaning is in the Air

The days are getting longer, the birds are singing and people all across the UK are gazing into their gardens and mentally compiling a list of the jobs which need doing and the improvements that need making. The trouble is, spring cleaning makes a mess. The good news is, Clearabee is here to help clean it up.

On a psychological level, there’s a certain amount of pride and job satisfaction to be found in the process of tidying, cleaning and organising. Whether Feng shui is a philosophy to which you subscribe, or if you’re more of a believer in the “tidy house, tidy mind” school of thought, spring is the time to be making these changes.

The fact that some local councils are cancelling green bin collections shouldn’t mean that our annual outdoor endeavours should slow to a stop. As long as it’s just in our own gardens, of course. Waste and rubbish removal is now more critical a service than ever before. Even though there are fewer options available to us, that doesn’t mean that there aren’t still jobs to be done.

Spring Cleaning the Garden

We’ve pondered the psychological, but what are the physical reasons for spring cleaning our gardens, sheds and patios? The aesthetic reasons are obvious but the benefits are more numerous than that. Pulling weeds, withered annuals, and dead growth from perennials rids your garden of unwanted wild plants and guarantees fresh, new growth in the coming weeks. Even nature needs a fresh start.

It isn’t just your borders that need straightening and your edges which need tidying though, What if the sun loungers are starting to show their age, the trellis’ have seen better days and the rotary air-dryer is looking decidedly rusty? These are quite easy fixes and are quick to replace the question is, what do you do with the old, unwanted versions? Clearabee is here to help clean them up.

Wouldn’t it be wonderful if all that waste could all be thrown onto a pile and someone would just take it all away? Especially if it was on that very same day? As it happens, Clearabee’s ‘man & van’ rubbish removal service can do exactly that. All it takes is a call to our office or a visit to our website and we can take care of the rest for you.


Spring Cleaning out the Shed

But why stop there? Sheds across the UK are no doubt all in a similar situation: garden chairs are covered in cobwebs, BBQ’s are looking decidedly unhygienic and children’s toys and are in need of a little TLC. But once these are all out of the shed, what else might we find that’s been building up over the winter months?

The remnants of DIY projects tend to accumulate in our sheds, leaving us very little space for all of the fun stuff, so spring makes the ideal time to be asking the tough questions such as; “do I really need these off-cuts of the kitchen worktop?” If the answer is no, then throw them on the Clearabee pile.

In fact, you can book our ‘man and van’ waste removal service, pay the call-out charge upfront and then continue to keep throwing things on the Clearabee pile. Our teams of local field staff can then attend your property and assess the cost on site, allowing you to keep adding to the spring cleaning pile until you’ve got the job done.


Spring Cleaning Garden Waste

Pruning back trees and bushes can result in an unexpected amount of rubbish to get rid of. The work involved in trimming branches and trunks down to a manageable size is an unenviable task, especially when you’re attempting to resize them to fit into a green waste wheelie bin or something similarly sized.

That’s not to mention all of the cuts, scratches and rashes that can come from gathering up all of the off-cuts. Even when shielded with your trusty gardening gloves, these are not only inevitable, but are unsightly, painful and completely unnecessary.

Cuts aside, you’ll need to make sure that your waste is removed quickly before it undoes all of the good work you’ve accomplished throughout your spring clean. Now let Clearabee take care of the rest for you.

old wood

Spring Cleaning with Clearabee

If your garden tidying has reached the level of landscaping then you’ll likely have produced an excess of rubble or heavy, dense soil which can be a challenge to remove responsibly, to say the least. In cases such as this, we would recommend a builder’s skip (between 6 and 8 cubic yards in size) to ensure that the waste is removed without exceeding the weight limits imposed on the collecting HGV.

Hiring a skip can be a daunting task though, which is why our skip hire service has been designed with ease and convenience in mind, leaving you to focus on organising your unwanted waste so that we can remove it. This is perfect if your garden is undergoing a lengthy renovation which means you’ll be producing waste over a number of days. Although it does mean that without the ‘man and van’ service, you’ll have to fill the skip yourself. Sorry about that. Regardless, skips are a safe and secure solution for your spring cleaning rubbish removal.

Even more freedom for your forays into spring cleaning comes in the shape of our Skip Bag service. These bags can be delivered to you and filled at any point throughout a six-month period. A range of sizes means that they can cope with both small-scale projects and the more adventurous undertakings. They can even be stored and taken with you, should you decide to move house. Skip Bags are a flexible solution to waste removal, can be filled at your convenience and look prettier sat on your driveway too.


However much mess you make whilst spring cleaning, remember that Clearabee is here to help clean it up.

Removing rubbish. It’s what we do.

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