31 March 2020

Local Councils Cancel Bin Collections

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Green bins and garden waste collections have been cancelled across some local areas in order to prioritise medical waste and food waste collections.

An increased amount of household waste, coupled with staff sickness levels and off-limits civil amenities sites has understandably begun to see local refuse collection services struggle under the strain.

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Amongst the areas affected, Cambridge City is cancelling all garden collections until May 1st in the first instance, so that collection teams can focus on blue (for mixed recycling) and black bins. The latter of these is also available to house food waste.

In Hackney, East London, households have been asked not to put any personal waste out to be collected until it has been stored separately for the suggested 72 hour period. Dudley Council have also issued similar advice, requesting that all personal waste items be double bagged for personal safety.

In Manchester, Bury Council will now be prioritising the emptying of grey, green and blue bins. This is in addition to all household waste recycling centres in Greater Manchester being closed until further notice. In the absence of garden waste collections, those affected have been advised to compost grass cuttings and hedge trimmings in order to maximise the space available for removable waste.

Tips in Hampshire were closed recently after a “record-breaking” amount of people flocked to the site, regardless of the nationwide lockdown and warnings about social distancing. Talking to the BBC, Liberal Democrat Barnfield councillor David Franks said the plan seemed “like a recipe for a massive increase in fly-tipping.”

Fly-tipping is, of course, illegal and an environmental hazard with detrimental repercussions for individuals and wildlife. Any waste that is unable to be removed should be stored at individual properties until either collections continue, the lockdown is lifted or until the tips are reopened.

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Advice suggests that should your collection be missed on its designated day, then you should leave your bin out at the edge of your property in case the collection has been delayed until the following day.

In any case, you should check online for your local council’s bin collection webpage for the latest updates regarding your refuse collection services.

If you find yourself in the situation where you’re missing your regular waste removal, then have a look at our handy guide on how to maximise your bin space or discover how Clearabee can support you with our waste removal services.

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