11 January 2021

What are Parking Suspensions?

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If you are hiring a skip and are unable to place it on your own private land you may have to explore the option of placing it on a public highway or controlled parking space. In this scenario, you will most likely need to acquire a skip permit as well as a parking suspension.

What is a Parking Suspension?

Parking bays and controlled parking spaces may provide the perfect place to park when completing a long job or for placing a skip. A problem lies in the fact that using most parking spaces for an extended period without permission, could see you receive a fine. These fines are enforceable by law via the Road Traffic Order and Road Traffic Regulation Act 1984.

Paying the usual parking fees for days on end isn’t a reliable option either, as these become extremely uneconomic if you’re planning to park somewhere for more than a day. This leaves obtaining a parking suspension as a viable solution.

Why Would You Need to Acquire a Parking Suspension?

Typical reasons for acquiring a parking suspension can include maintenance work, building clearances, filming, special events like weddings and placing large items like skips. If you are hiring a skip but are unable to place it on your own private land, you would likely have to place it somewhere which would require a skip permit or parking suspension.

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How Much Does a Parking Suspension Cost?

Different councils and boroughs around the country have different prices and provide different information regarding parking suspensions. There is little to no centralised guidance, which means you have to do a little bit of research to find out how much these costs in your area.


Here are a few examples so you can see how prices vary from place to place. These prices are up to date as of when this blog was published on 01/2021.

Coventry Council: Initial fee of £50 and then a daily £15 fee

Harrogate Council in North Yorkshire: £32 per day

Elmbridge Council in Surrey: £75 per 6 meters of the road for the first 3 days and then additional days will cost £12

Bristol Council: £28 for 5 meters of road per day

Southwark Council in London: an initial fee of £56.20 and then a daily fee of £28.60

Watford Council: £20 a day for a maximum of 3 weeks


In some cases, suspending multiple bays will reduce the cost of each subsequent bay that is suspended. The amount of notice time can also vary but is usually around 2 – 5 days. Time is required to place parking suspension signs to make sure wardens know not to report you for a road traffic offence.


Do You Need to Hire a Skip?

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