30 March 2021

Life’s Largest Rubbish Removals – Moving House

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From new arrivals to your household, to the children finally moving out, whatever changes might happen in your life, there’s always likely to be waste items that need clearing away afterwards. For moments such as these, Clearabee’s ‘Man and Van’ clearance services offer a fast, flexible and cost-effective rubbish removal solution.

This blog series looks at life’s largest rubbish removal moments and this edition looks at when it’s time to move house and how Clearabee can help you to dispose of the resulting waste. If you already know what you want from your rubbish removal, then simply book your clearance now or get in touch with us to request a call back.

Moving House

With the Stamp duty holiday again being extended, this time until the end of June, there’s no doubt plenty of people who are currently looking to take advantage of the tax break and move house before the holiday ends.

putting up a frame

It’s commonly recognised that moving house is one of the most stressful situations you’re likely to face in your life. And although the average distance most people move is 10 miles from their old abode to the new, taking everything from your house is not usually an option, not least because you don’t want to clutter up your nice new house.

But whereas Clearabee can’t help with completion dates and valuations, we specialise in responsibly getting rid of all those unwanted items. But first of all, you need to decide which items aer going with you to the new house, and which items just need to go.

Moving house and removing rubbish

Of course, how you go about your house move depends entirely on your circumstances. You may have a leisurely period within which to move your furniture and effects, or you may have to put your possessions into storage for a short time while you wait for your new property.

Either way, making a list is an essential starting place to make sure there’s no confusion or disagreements further down the line. Approaches differ: some find it easiest to leave the unwanted items right where they are and transport the things you do want to their new home, while other approaches favour moving all of your unwanted items to a separate room, just for the things you’re getting rid of. This all depends on your items, the size of your house and the removal method and that’s something only you can know.

What we would say is, make sure that that wardrobe is completely empty, the drawers are turned upside down and that the pouffe has been cleared out; it’s easy to leave things behind and inadvertently add to the weight you’re trying to remove. Don’t forget about your loft and your cellar, your garage and your shed – the chances are that there are things in there that you’ll need to remove so the new owners don’t inherit anything unwanted.


Clearance Options

You do have a few options when it comes to house clearances, such as organising a collection of bulky items via your local authority or seeing if you can arrange a sofa collection by a local charity. However, it is worth bearing in mind that with local authority collections, you can often be left waiting for up to a week or two to have the items removed and, in most cases, you’ll need to remove them from your house yourself and leave them at the kerbside.

Charity shops may not be a viable option either at the moment, with many still shut down due to government restrictions and they’ll likely face an enormous demand once they reopen. And of course, should you have the time, transport and ability to remove the items yourself, you can always consider moving your unwanted items to your local Household Waste Recycling Centre.

Just be mindful that many such centres currently have restrictions on how many visits you can make in a 14-day period, are only accepting certain items or may have a waiting list for appointments. Of course, the most convenient and quickest way to responsibly remove your unwanted items is by Clearabee.

House Clearances with Clearabee

We can also offer services to complement your house clearance and make the process even smoother. These include skip hire and Skip Bags which can be used for secure waste storage while you remove your unwanted items over a longer period of time.

Unlike some of the options listed above, our ‘Man and Van’ service is the most flexible service, with the least amount of effort from you. Our trained waste operatives can clear items from inside or outside of your property and from attics, basements and cupboards under the stairs, as long as it is safe to do so. In short, we’ll do all the heavy lifting.

van cabin

In any case, the best plan of action is to contact Clearabee to discuss the scale of your house clearance. From the information you give us, we can plan the most appropriate service, with regards to speed, personnel required and rubbish removal method. You can either prepare a list for us, or send images of the items you want to remove or, if you have time to look into it yourself, you could work out how much your clearance will cost using our unique Waste Calculator.

Follow this link to read more about our house clearances and how we can help you with your house move or this link to read more about our environmental credentials, which includes our carbon neutral service and at least 95% landfill diversion of the waste we collect.

Wherever you’re moving to in the UK, Clearabee’s rubbish removals are here to help you say goodbye to your unwanted items. Book your clearance now or request that Clearabee give you a buzz back.

Removing rubbish. It’s what we do.

All of the above prices are correct at the time of publishing.

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