8 April 2021

Rubbish Removal Moments in Your Life – End of Life

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From marriages and divorces to the children going on to university, whatever changes life brings your way, there’s always waste that needs clearing away afterwards. For rubbish removal moments like these, Clearabee’s ‘Man and Van’ clearance services offer a rapid, reliable and cost-effective solution.

During this blog series, we’ve been looking at the largest rubbish removal moments in life and for this installment, we’ll look at how Clearabee can help when you have to deal with a house clearance due to a sad death in the family. Whereas we can do little more than offer our condolences, our teams can at least take care of the clearance for you so you can look after that which is of most importance.

If you already know what you require from your rubbish removal, then simply book your clearance now or get in touch with us to request a call back.

End of Life

Whether you’re a landlord or a family member, there is an unfortunate inevitability that when the resident of an abode passes away, there will be a lot of household items which need to be responsibly removed. Whereas the head of the family or executor of the Will shall be left to make sure that the deceased’s items are passed on as the deceased intended, more often than not you will still end up with a house full of unwanted items.

house waste

Once the sentimental items such as jewellery, books and family photos have been passed on, you are often left with everything from armchairs to wardrobes, beds to tv stands and any number of electrical items. There are, of course, other methods of getting rid of unwanted items such as donating them to a charity shop, listing them on Freecycle or arranging a council collection, but in our experience, most people want closure and therefore require a one-stop, hassle-free clearance service. And that’s where Clearabee comes in.

Clearances with Clearabee

With 221,854 clearance jobs completed in 2020 alone, you can have confidence in Clearabee to handle your house clearance. We can make your clearance as easy as possible, leaving you to grieve and process what has happened and there are a couple of ways you can go about this.

Firstly, you can simply book one of our waste clearance teams to attend the property and assess the unwanted items on site. This will cost a flat call-out fee of £59.99 and our waste operatives can provide a quote for exactly what waste you want removing, taking it away then and there. This approach is well suited when there is only approximately one truck’s worth of waste that needs removing so if we’re talking about a whole house clearance then it’s far more efficient to get in touch with our contact centre.

Through our contact centre we can provide an accurate quote for your whole house clearance using a variety of methods. You could send us images of the items you want removing from each room, you could send us an itemised list of the things that you want clearing or you could simply give us an idea of the size of the house in question and, using our years of experience, we could send an appropriately-sized team.


Our house clearances come with reasonable labour included in the cost so we can do all of the heavy lifting for you and as long as you’re contactable by telephone and we have a sound understanding of what needs to be disposed of, you needn’t even be at the property.

Due to the flexibility of our ‘Man and Van’ clearance service, we can separate and responsibly dispose of all manner of different waste streams, which would normally require separate skips or skip bags to avoid hazardous waste going to landfill. This means that we can remove hazardous streams such as TVs, laptops and WEEE waste alongside cupboards, wardrobes and Bric-a-brac, all in one service.

What’s more, we successfully divert from landfill at least 95% of all that we collect from our clearances so you can be sure you’re doing your bit for the planet too. Follow this link to read more about our environmental credentials including our carbon-neutral services.

You’ll also have plenty of peace of mind as each of our collections is completed by the sending of a digital Waste Transfer Note which details exactly what has been collected, by which vehicle and at which local Waste Transfer Station it has been disposed of. This way, you can be sure that the unwanted waste is not contributing to the fly-tipping problem and that you have practiced your due diligence by hiring a reputable and responsible rubbish removals company.

Let’s see if we can give you a clearer idea about cost…

Clearabee’s Waste Calculator

Our Waste Calculator is a unique tool which allows you to add unwanted items to an online basket, before receiving a total for the collection as well as the most appropriate service. As discussed above, this service will most likely be our ‘Man and Van’ service, but if there is no mixing of hazardous or electrical waste streams, then you may be able to make use of a skip to clear the house. Although it is worth mentioning that with this option, you’ll need to carry out all of the labour yourself.

Why not try out the Waste Calculator for yourself? Simply select the items you want to remove from the home, garden or office, then enter your postcode (as skip hire costs vary from area to area) and you’ll be presented with the cost and the most suitable option. It really is as easy as that, and when you’re dealing with life events such as this, you need it to be easy.

Whether you’re talking about a single room or a whole house clearance, Clearabee’s rubbish removals are here to help you to get the job done quickly. Book your clearance now or request that Clearabee give you a buzz.

Removing rubbish. It’s what we do.

All of the prices quoted in this article are correct at the time of publishing.

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