25 November 2022

What to do if your bin hasn’t been emptied

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As bin collections become increasingly scarce, especially for general waste,it’s not a rarity to find yourself stuck with a full bin. Add into the mix the potential of strikes in your are and the threat of a full bin looms even larger. Booking an additional collection from the council differs in difficulty from one council to the other but a Clearabee collection can provide an efficient and affordable solution.

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Council bin collections

Even five years ago a report showed that 76% of councils operated under a fortnightly general waste collection which is a fair reduction from the previous weekly collections. Bins can be a confusing affair, especially how each council can differ from the other. There have been proposals from the government to standardise collections but little of these ideas have materialized into reality. This can mean missing your bin collection can become all too easy. with the current collection you’ll more than likely be waiting another two weeks until you see the bin truck again which is an unrealistic amount of time to have to wait.

Requesting an additional bin collection via a lot of council websites is a little difficult, a google search return results on how to request an additional bin, and report missed bins but not a lot of results for additional collections.

Councils can investigate the problem which isn’t too useful if you’ve got a full bin that requires emptying.

How does a Clearabee bin collection work?


Our booking process has been designed and been streamlined to make booking a collection a quick and simple process. We even have an option for collecting general waste outside of a bin with our ‘up to 5 bin bags’ option. This means if you’ve got more general waste that can fit inside your bin, you can add this product to your order and leave additional bags next to the bin you want emptied.

Preparing your waste

Please ensure that bags inside the bin and any additional bags that have been booked to be collected are securely tied up. Please do not add loose waste inside the bin as we will only collect waste that has been bagged. If the bag is very full and looks like it may burst it will be worth double bagging it just to be safe.

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On the day of your collection please ensure your bins and waste is outside and ready to be collected. Please ensure that the waste is somewhere accessible, especially if you are going to be out. If you are keeping your bins out of sight but still somewhere accessible you may want to upload photos and give us instructions at the point of booking.

A range of rubbish removal options with Clearabee

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As well as emptying your bins, we have a range of rubbish removal options that can be suited to all of your waste removal requirements. ‘Man and Van’ is our most popular service, with it a one of our waste operatives can be at your door on the same day of your enquiry. We’ll do all the heavy lifting for you and even collect items such as sofas from inside your home. We also have skips, Skip Bags and more available.


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