24 February 2021

Private Home Wheelie Bin Collections: How to Save Money

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With many people spending more time at home than ever before, lots of us are finding that our wheelie bins are filling up a lot quicker than before, with some even overflowing before their regular collection day. The good news is that you don’t have to wait until bin day as Clearabee’s private home wheelie bin collection service means that every day is bin day. These new, rapid-reaction, flexible and environmentally-friendly collections are available all across the UK. But are they also cost-effective?

During this blog series, we’ll give you some tips and tricks on how to make the most of our rubbish removal services, starting with our private bin collections and where you may be able to save yourselves some money.

If you’re ready to have your wheelie bins emptied by Clearabee, then book your private bin collection now or give Clearabee a buzz. Otherwise, let’s have a look at how you can save some money on your private wheelie bin service.


Local authority collections

If you’ve missed your bin collection for whatever reason, then your first port of call should be to contact your local authority. Each council differs, but if your collection has been missed due to a fault on their part, then they may be able to arrange a rescheduled collection. However, if you have too many bin bags to fit inside your wheelie bin then most councils will not accept these and will leave anything that is not stored in the bin. Infact, many councils won’t empty bins where the lid is unable to close.

This usually leaves users in a vicous cycle of sorts, where they struggle to get back in sync with the bin collection schedule and should take decisive action to break the cycle. Failing to do so will usually leave you with bin bags lying around your property and these can become an environmental hazard. In turn, this can encourage poor hygiene and attract all manner of pests including rats, foxes and pigeons.

bin bags

Take a trip to the tip

Of course, you can always take your additional bin bags to your local Household Waste Recycling Centre yourself if you have the time available. However, we would recommend taking care with the loading and unloading of bin bags to make sure that your car doesn’t end up with bin juice being spilt leaving a long, lingering smell.

Most local Household Waste Recycling Centres will accept your domestic waste free of charge before disposing of it in a responsible way but you should be mindful of the restrictions that have been implemented since the outbreak of COVID-19. Make sure that you check online before making arrangements as most centres require proof of ID and have an online appointment booking system.

You should also consider if such a journey to the tip is essential and in line with current government guidelines as well as checking how often your centre allows you to visit as some restrict visits to once a fortnight.


Private bin collection costs

Clearabee collects from thousands of homes each month and our wheelie bin collections are affordable, flexible and rapid reaction with services costings as follows:


120l bin collection for £29.99

240l bin collection for £34.99

360l bin collection for £39.99


However, if you book regular bin collections, then the above prices are discounted and you will also be able to access our Beeloyal programme. This loyalty scheme gives you cashback on bin collections and the other rubbish removal services we offer, which includes bulky waste clearances, skip hire, Skip Bag and sofa removal services. With Clearabee, it really can be bin day every day.


Private Home Wheelie Bin Collections with Clearabee

Our online booking system is hassle-free and available 24/7 and if you order your bin collection by 10 pm, we can collect your bin during the very next day (just make sure that your bin is out at the edge of your property by 8am on the day of collection). We always use directly-employed Clearabee operatives who are all courteous, conscientious and trained to be contact-free.

As with all of our rubbish removal services, we’ll send you an SMS when we’re on our way to your property and you’ll receive a tracking link so you can keep up to date with our progress. As a matter of course, we also supply our customers with a digital Waste Transfer Note once their rubbish reaches its audited and approved Waste Transfer Station. This note forms part of your Duty of Care and shows that you have practiced due diligence in seeking out a responsible, registered waste carrier.

Clearabee are the UK’s largest clearance company with 221,845 jobs completed in 2020 alone. On Trustpilot, we are the most-reviewed such service with over 10,000 reviews earning us a 5-Star ‘Excellent’ rating. On average, we divert from landfill at least 95% of all the waste that we collect, which means that with Clearabee, you know you’re doing your part for the planet.

Clearabee have 124 locations throughout the nation from where our rubbish removal services operate. This means that our journeys are under 15 miles each on average, as well as being carried out on our ultra-light chassis vehicles. This reduces fuel consumption and carbon emissions considerably. In addition to this, we have planted two UK forests through our reforestation project. These are made up of 19,674 trees and are expected to offset 1,886 tonnes of carbon.

Order your private bin collection 24/7 using Clearabee’s hassle-free online booking system or by getting in touch with our friendly office team.

For more information on this service and your questions answered, check out our private home wheelie bin collection page.


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The prices featured in this article are accurate at the time of going to press.

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