11 April 2021

Fence Panels: How to Remove Them

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With the weather beginning to improve and lockdown restrictions slowly lifting, it’s safe to say more people will be spending time in their garden than ever before. That means it’s time to start looking at your garden and deciding what needs sprucing up and what needs replacing and fence panels can be one of the biggest jobs you’ll face in the garden.

Clearabee are the UK’s largest waste clearance service and can help with getting rid any unwanted waste items from your garden, including fence panels. Follow this link to book now or read on to see how we can help you.


Fence panels: the problems

A change can be as good as a rest and replacing your fence panels can completely transform the look and feel of your garden. However, getting rid of them can be an arduous task and your garden could soon look like an eyesore if the panels are left lying around because you can’t find a removal solution.

The size of garden fence panels can range from 1 foot in height for border fences to 6 or 7ft tall for main perimeter fences and the average garden may have 200 individual wooden slats. When you start looking at numbers like this, you can see why they can be difficult to remove for anyone who has an average-sized car. If you’re dealing with fence panels in quantities such as this, then it obviously can’t be disposed of alongside your domestic waste.

Along with the size and amount, the treatment of the wood is the cause of many a challenge when it comes to disposing of your fence panels. Strictly speaking, you can put a small amount of wood in your wheelie bin alongside your domestic waste, but only if the wood itself is natural and untreated. This is due to treated wood releasing toxic fumes when it’s burnt and it means that it cannot be sent to landfill as it’s classed as hazardous waste. For this reason, it’s worth mentioning that you shouldn’t consider burning your fence panels and posts in your garden at home.


Like with wooden toys and some furniture, not all Household Waste Recycling Centres will be able to recycle wood if it’s treated, painted or varnished either so it’s important to check on the website for your local centre before loading your car and setting off on your journey.


Fence panel removal with Clearabee

If you’re unlucky enough to lose your fencing due to the high winds that batter the UK every once in a while, then you’re going to want a speedy solution and that’s where Clearabee can help. Our ‘Man and Van’ clearances are rapid reaction and can usually attend your property on the very same day as your order. This means you can get your old fence out of the way nice and quickly, before getting your new, hopefully sturdier replacement in place.

The ‘Man and Van’ service has 30 minutes of reasonable labour included as part of the cost so you don’t need to worry about doing any lifting or loading: our professional waste operatives will take care of all of that for you. You have a couple of options open to you when it comes to booking your fence panel removals. You can either pay the flat call-out fee of £59.99 and have our waste operatives assess how much waste you have and provide a quote accordingly.

Alternatively, you can send images of the fence panels you want to get rid of and we can provide a quote online for you there and then. After the collection, we’ll send you a digital Waste Transfer Note which details what has been collected, which local Waste Transfer Station it’s been taken to and the rate of landfill diversion (which is at least 95% on average). This will no doubt provide peace of mind that your unwanted fence panels are being disposed of legally and responsibly with no chance of it being fly-tipped.

If you can’t be at the property for whatever reason, we can clear the fence panels in your absence. Just make sure that you’re available by telephone in case we have any queries but as long as we have easy access to your garden and a sound understanding of what it is you want removing, then we can just get on with the job.


Either way, we’ll send you an SMS when we’re on our way to your property and we’ll also send you a tracking link so you can keep up to date with our progress. Our vehicles are also fitted with live camera monitoring systems to ensure that all waste is collected and disposed of in line with legal requirements and compliance. We are also registered waste carriers and the largest clearance company in the UK, with over 120 unique locations set up around the country and over 300 directly-employed staff who are proud to wear the classic Clearabee colours.

Our services are also rated 5-Stars on Trustpilot, with our reviews recently surpassing the 10,000 milestone which makes us the most-reviewed such service on the platform and an ‘Excellent’ service. Clearabee are proud to count some of the UK’s leading and most prominent brands as our exclusive customers. We have been ranked as the fastest-growing waste management company in Europe for 4 years running and we have featured on The Sunday Times Virgin Atlantic Fast Track for two years in a row.

All of this means that you can have confidence in Clearabee.


Book now for your fence panel removal or take a look at our garden clearance guide and let’s get your garden looking great.


Removing rubbish. It’s what we do.

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