Garden Clearance Guide

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What is a Garden Clearance?

A garden clearance is more or less a makeover service for your green outdoor spaces. Your clearance could start off as modestly as the removal of the offcuts from bushes, garden trees and hedges, or it could be as adventurous as a complete re-landscaping that results in soil, rubble and turf disposal. The service that we recommend for your garden clearance depends on the scale of your clearance, as detailed further in this guide.


If you already know what you’re looking for, then you can book your Garden Clearance now and select the service which most suits the size of your project. But if you still have a few questions, then let this guide give you a few pointers.


Planning your Garden Clearance


As with any clearance, how you go about it depends on the time and resources that you have available to you.


As with most household refuse, the more you are able to compact your garden waste, the more you will be able to dispose of and the less it will cost. Break down twigs, logs and branches to the smallest size possible and weigh down leaves, clippings and grass cuttings in bags to reduce the volume of the garden waste that will need to be collected.


Bonfires or incinerators are an ideal way to get rid of burnable garden waste but this should be done with great care for yourself as well as consideration for your neighbours. There are hazards inherent with incinerators and bonfires and you should always check with your local authorities in case there are any restrictions in place.


Composting keeps waste out of landfill and is an increasingly popular option when it comes to getting rid of garden and food waste. However, a composting plot may take up more space in your garden than you want to surrender and the process of composting can take anywhere from two months to two years.


Upcycling can be a great way to find alternative uses for the garden items that you no longer need. If your imagination and DIY skills are up to the challenge, you can repurpose logs as borders, trellises and furniture or old fence panels as planters or bin enclosures.


Once you’ve considered all of your options and decided on what you are going to have cleared from your garden, then it’s time to decide which rubbish removal service is the most suitable for your needs.


Clearabee’s Garden Clearance Service


Depending on the size of your planned Garden Clearance Project, we recommend the following Clearabee services:


Skip Bag

These services include a 6-month collection window and 4 different sizes of Skip Bag available, ranging from 42 litres capacity for our Mini Bags to 1500kgs for our Large Skip Bags. These can usually be delivered to you during the next working day.


‘Man and Van’

This service can remove any amount of pre-organised rubbish from your property, usually during very same day.


Skip Hire

Our services include a 14-day hire period with next-day delivery available in most cases. Skip sizes range from Midi Skips (4 cubic yards) to a Maxi skip which is 12 cubic yards in size.


Things to think about:



On the Day of your Garden Clearance


Skip Hire Delivery

The skip will arrive on the day requested. We will endeavor to provide delivery times where this is possible. You should make sure the delivery area is clear and suitable for an HGV. Failed skip deliveries will usually incur a wasted journey fee of £50 so please ensure access can be granted.

Loading your Skip

Fill your skip, being careful not to fill with prohibited waste streams such as hazardous waste. Your skip must only be filled to a level load or it may not be collected. Please note that the standard skip hire period is 14 days, so please contact us or your skip could be collected automatically.


Skip Collection

When the skip is full, you can request a pickup using the ‘contact us’ link on our website. Collection usually happens during the next day although occasionally it can take a little longer. As with delivery, please ensure we can access the skip when required and that the skip load is level. A wasted journey fee could apply if we are unable to remove the skip.

skip bag

Skip Bag Delivery

Your Skip Bag will arrive either flat-packed, rolled or folded and in your selected size. You won’t need to be present at your property when it arrives as it can easily be posted or left in a safe space. You’ll have six months in which to use this Skip Bag and have it collected.

Loading your Skip Bag

When filling your Skip Bag, it’s advisable to situate it within 4 metres of the road: a full Skip Bag will likely be impossible to move, depending on the contents. Whilst filling, best practice suggests that you roll over the edges of the Skip Bag to form a cuff and you fill the corners of the bag first to help keep it sturdy. As the bag fills you can unfurl the cuff as you go but be sure not to over fill.


Skip Bag Collection

Once you’ve booked your named-day collection either online or by phone. Make sure that your Skip Bag is placed within 4 metres of the road so that the collection can take place and that the load is level. A wasted journey fee could apply if we are unable to remove the skip.


‘Man and Van’ Arrival

On the day of your collection, you will receive an MMS to let you know that your Man and Van team is on the way, alongside a tracking link so that you can follow their progress. If our team needs to assess your garden waste and provide a quote, this will happen before the collection takes place

Loading your rubbish

Your garden waste will need to be organised and ready for collection when our field staff arrive. Our team are able to collect your garden waste from either the front or the rear of your property but the fewer obstacles there are, the quicker the collection will be.


‘Man and Van’ Collection

One of our friendly field teams will load your garden waste into one of our Clearabee vans before disposing of it at a local Waste Transfer Station.


As with all of our rubbish removal services, upon completion we will issue a Waste Transfer Note which will detail what has been removed from your property. The note forms part of your Duty of Care and records at which local Waste Transfer Site your collection has been disposed.

This document will also contain details of the landfill diversion and recycle rate. On average, Clearabee diverts over 95% of what we collect from landfill so it’s not just your garden that you’re helping to keep green.

About Clearabee

Clearabee operates nationwide on-demand rubbish clearance and waste removal services, with over 120 vehicles and 300 directly employed staff. Our core services include our industry-leading rubbish clearance service as well as our skip bag, skip hire and sofa removal services.


We count some of the UK’s leading brands as exclusive customers including DFS, Sofology, Wren Kitchens, Homeserve and the CO-OP. Clearabee has been ranked as the fastest-growing waste management company in Europe for 3 years running and featured on The Sunday Times Virgin Atlantic Fast Track for the last two years


Garden Clearance Service Highlights

Waste Transfer Notes

Digital Waste Transfer Note including place of disposal and site licence information.

Nationwide Service

Nationwide house clearances. We cover almost every UK postcode.

Range of Services Available

Skips, Skip Bags or ‘Man and Van’ clearance… we have the right service for you.

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Hassle-free Online Booking

Save time and book online 24/7 with real-time pricing.

Fixed-price Skips & Skip Bags

Based on your location and the size of the Skip or Skip Bag required.

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