7 May 2021

Student Accommodation Cleaning & Rubbish Collection

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The time people spend at university are some of the most transformative years of their lives, both academically and in other considerably less academic aspects of life. Whether they’re spent in libraries musing, or student unions boozing, the memories are long-lasting to say the least. The base of operations for many students is their accommodation which can often lead it to become a bit of a mess. That’s not to say that all students live in squalor but everyone needs a clear-out of rubbish once in a while.


Student Accommodation Rubbish Removal

Below are a few typical examples of what students may need to get rid of both during and at the end of their time in student accommodation.


A lot of landlords will replace their mattresses when they get new students into their accommodation. Students themselves may also want to replace their mattresses which leaves them with a bulky item that is difficult to get rid of.


Old Furniture


If a landlord or tenant is sourcing furniture for student accommodation will probably be on the cheaper side. Whether through general wear-and-tear or via accidental damage, this furniture can easily break. Again, this leaves you with rubbish that you cannot put in your council collected bin. If you don’t have a car this rubbish is especially difficult to get rid of on your own.



Many student’s laptops will take a battering and over the 2-to-3-year period they may need replacing. Computers and any other electrical items fall into the category of waste electrical and electronic equipment recycling. These cannot be thrown into a bin as they can contain hazardous items such as chemicals in batteries.

White Goods


Many students will bring their own fridges to their accommodation and after years of communal use, these white goods may have had their best years behind them. Fridges are difficult to tackle as they count as both a bulky item, electrical and can contain potentially dangerous items like compressors.

Miscellaneous Waste

Odd bits like cutlery and items you won’t want to take home to your parents may need throwing out. On their own they shouldn’t be too hard to get rid of but pile them onto everything and else they can add a substantial chunk of weight. If this is all you need to get rid of then a skip may be overkill but there are alternatives such as our mini skip bags. These can de posted to your address where you can fill them at your leisure and then organise a pickup date.

For large-scale clear-outs, your best option will be a Clearabee ‘Man and Van’ collection. Our flexible collection can retrieve a cubic yard worth of waste which is equivalent to around 2 washing machines in size.


Why Bother with a Student Accommodation Rubbish Clearance?

A big motivator for any student to perform a largescale clean and clearance will be to earn back the ever-elusive deposit back from your landlord. Save the Student points out the obvious tip of ensuring your accommodation is clean and tidy. A potential blocker is that if you have accumulated a lot of waste you will most likely have to take it to a tip. A lot of students won’t have a car and if they do it probably won’t be ideally sized for filling up with vast amounts of waste. This is where a Clearabee collection can make this job 10x easier. Once your accommodation is free of rubbish and tidier, it also makes cleaning a quicker task too.


Tabloids and news are always quick to point the finger of blame and allegations upon students for many issues, one being waste and fly-tipping. In this case, there is a real issue that is perpetrated by a minority of individuals. A BBC report showcases some of the waste left by the student around the ‘change over’ period where old students move out of accommodation and new students move in. In areas heavily populated by Students such as Selly Oak in Birmingham, this can lead to streets left littered with rubbish. Some genuine mistakes can be made such as believing it’s okay to leave extra rubbish around your council collected bin. This won’t be collected and can be considered fly-tipping which can land you with a fine.


Some organisers have been putting their efforts together to form a sharing a reuse scheme in Manchester. There are also plenty of charities that can accept reusable items if they are in a good condition. If your items need to be binned or gotten rid of quickly these options may not be viable.


Need a same-day rubbish collection?

With our fleet of rubbish removal vans that are stationed across the country, there isn’t a university city or town that we won’t be able to help clear waste from. Whether you need rubbish removing from flats, houses or even businesses, we’ll be able to help. For an instant quote based on the rubbish you need collecting, try our waste calculator.

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