2 May 2016

Tips for de-cluttering your office

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Open plan offices have become the norm and with people having sight of your workspace, do you get the feeling they are judging you? You’d be right and a cluttered workspace can give the wrong impression. I find that colleagues, clients and pretty much anyone who walks into your office will link a messy office to a poorly run project, a bad job or concerns that their paperwork will be lost in the abyss. So if you’ve just looked around and feel a little embarrassed, it’s time to de-clutter your office.

Streamline the office, keep it tidy and get set for more productivity and motivation to kick in. Here are our top five tips for de-cluttering your office

De-cluttering your office

The floor is not storage space

Boxes of files, piles of paper, boxes of cables, spare shoes, gym bags or anything else found lying around, get it off the floor. By having clear floors throughout the office it will immediately make the office feel less cluttered. (Not to mention remove any trip hazards that might just be an accident waiting to happen).

We do our best to use bull dog clips to keep cables up off the floor and generally make sure the floors are clear, even waste paper bins are tucked away as much as possible. It’s makes any space less overwhelming by having a clear floor (plus, how do you vacuum thoroughly if the office floor is crammed with junk?)

Keep desk tops clear

That’s your physical desk top and your computer desk top! Having only the essentials within arms reach helps to keep a clear desk and a clear mind. Having piles of paper, stacks of job bags, books and post-it notes littered all over your workspace will make it feel overwhelming.

By having a clear desk, when you sit down to work you can get started without any delay and have a much more productive day.

Have zones for storing “stuff”

Ensure everything has a zone or a place where it can be easily accessed when you need it. If you’ve ever misplaced a contract or an important document that’s not where it was supposed to be this will resonate with you…

We’ve done a tally around the office and have found that people can spend up to twenty minutes a day just looking for things. Have clear zones for where things are kept and save everyone some valuable time.

Disinfect your desk

Once your desk tops are clear, it will be easier to wipe. By regularly disinfecting your keyboard, mouse, desk and phone with anti-bacterial wipes it’ll look and smell clean. Plus, you’re less likely to pick up any nasty germs!

Tidy up your office regularly

Now that you’ve tidied up the office, stay on top of it regularly. Don’t let the junk and clutter build up and become overwhelming. Chuck out any junk, take all those tupperware containers home and sort out paperwork lying around. I find that a quick 15 minute blitz on a Friday afternoon allows me to keep on top of the office clutter. My little ritual marks the start of the weekend and it feels good to leave behind a clean, clear desk – you’ll thank yourself for it on Monday morning.


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