10 June 2022

RoRo Skip Weight Limit

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For large amounts of waste, especially in commercial settings, the skips you often spot on the side of the road just won’t cut the mustard. Roll on roll off skips are perfect for these scenarios due to their large capacities. The benefits of using a RoRo skip with Clearabee specifically is that we will work closely with you to ensure you are getting the best and most affordable options for your waste management requirements.

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RoRo Skip Weight Capacity

Roll on Roll off skips have a weight limit due to the fact that they are lifted, lowered and transported by trucks. Overfilling a skip will result in it being too heavy to lift and attempting to do so can be dangerous. This is why if you are trying to get rid of heavy dense waste such as bricks, it can be a difficult affair. If you need to get rid of heavy and dense waste you can get in contact with ourselves as we can provide a number of effective waste management services. For instance, you can hire a smaller skip for your heavy weight waste to ensure you don’t exceed your weight limit on your RoRo.

We work with skip providers around the country as well as providing our own nationwide ‘Man & Van’ and skip bag service. Each skip provider will have different types of skips available with their own guidance on what the exact weight limit is. 15 tonnes is generally a good weight limit to aim for, some of the larger skips such as 40 yard can hold more but in many situations the 15 tonne limit is still applied to ensure it can be safely removed.

Roro Skip Size

Understandably a weight limit might not be a fantastic visualisation of how much rubbish you will be able to fit into a roro. This is why we’ve put together these estimations of how many bin bags, you’d be able to fit into a RoRo:

25 yard RoRo: 160 bags

30 yard RoRo: 240 bags

35 yard RoRo: 280 bags

40 yard RoRo: 320 bags


Keep in mind that these are estimates and that they tend to lean towards the lower end of the amount of bin bags. Click the links above to learn more about each type of skip and about how to book one.

Booking a RoRo With Clearabee

If you’ve got any more questions regarding RoRo Skips or any other issues concerning commercial waste and waste management, get in contact with Clearabee here. If you choose Clearabee you’ll enjoy the benefits of a personal quote and waste management handler. This means you’ve got a direct line to a Clearabee expert you can help organise collection, replacement skips and additional ‘Man & Van’ removals if required.

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