13 July 2020

Specialist Skip Hire

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Clearabee know a thing or two about rubbish removal and supply skip hire and skip rental services throughout the UK. One thing that we’ve learnt is that rubbish removal jobs come in all shapes and sizes and as such, sometimes a standard skip just isn’t enough. So, whether you’re after extra space, safety or security, here’s a list of the specialists skips that might be the solution to your rubbish removal problem.

Of course, if you already know what skip you’re after or if you’d prefer to talk it through, then get in touch, get a quote or book either a domestic or commercial skip.

Enclosed Skips

Enclosed skips are usually available in 8, 12 and 16 cubic-yard sizes and are suitable for either trade or residential use. Often with an aperture at each end for disposing of waste, they’re great for making sure that the skip contents are safe from external elements which might otherwise make the waste more difficult to dispose of.

large skips

With the contents enclosed, there is a reduced chance of them becoming environmental hazards for humans and animals alike. Items which may otherwise present the possibility of danger or injury are instead, safely secured. These enclosed skips also safeguard against fire risks, suppress dusty loads and reduce the unauthorized use of your skip due to their lockable nature. In short, they take a lot off your mind.

Enclosed skips such as these stop waste streams being contaminated and means that the skips can stay truly specialised. For example, plasterboard and gypsum waste cannot be mixed with other waste streams as it may putrefy and begin to produce hydrogen sulphide. This can result in nausea, headaches, convulsions, and skin or eye irritation. An enclosed skip makes sure that contamination of this sort is less likely happen.


Rear End Loaders (REL)

Similar to enclosed skips, rear end loaders increase the security of your skip, ensuring that your skip is restricted solely for your use whilst also reducing the occurrence of environmental hazards. They safeguard against fire risks and contamination in the same way and are a deterrent to anyone who may have plans to make unauthorized use of your skip.

Angled lids on the top of the container as well as lids to the rear make the loading of waste material that much easier than your standard skip. Usually available in 12 and 16 cubic-yard sizes only, these skips tend to be used more often in trade but are suitable for a large-scale domestic project.

However, due to their size, REL skips are not suitable for bricks, rubble or soil as they have the potential to contravene weight restrictions and present a hazard upon collection.



Designated Disposal Site (DDS)

These containers are 35 cubic-yards in size and are unique in that they allow multiple various waste streams to not only be contained in the same skip, but also to be kept separate by partitioning. These containers are usually long-term placements on industrial sites although similar versions were previously used as small-scale recycling centres, located in supermarket car parks. The separated sections were ideal for keeping different coloured glass and tin apart from one other to enable more effective recycling.

DDS’ are available with drop-down panels to allow access to each waste stream section and these containers are easily accessible as well as lockable for security. Their compartmentalised nature means that they are not only suitable for light waste, but also all the way up to bulky streams. Due to their size, these are only usually used for large scale trade projects.


Roll on Roll Off

Roll On, Roll Off (RoRo) skips are much more suitable for large amounts of heavy constructions waste than your average 8-yard skips. This is due to the weight of construction materials often exceeding restrictions and becoming too heavy for the skip lorry to lift.

roro skip

RoRos are so named as they use a Hook-Lift hoist system or a Roll-Off hoist to deliver the container, but still have the same sort of restrictions that limit the weight of waste which can be stored inside the skip. Again, these are secure skips which safeguard against unauthorised access if used correctly.

Usually available in 17 and 35 cubic yards, RoRo’s are most commonly used for industrial organisations or construction projects which are intending to get rid of large amounts of waste. Due to their size, you’ll be sure that one such skip will do the job, rather than having to organise and plan around replacement skip deliveries.

If you’re still not sure about which specialised skip you may need, then get in touch to discuss your requirements, get a quote online or if you’ve already made your mind up, then book your skip here..

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