15 April 2021

Shop Clearances

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From green grocers to florists and from fashion to cafes, shops closing down have been another side effect of the coronavirus pandemic and resulting government restrictions. If you’re in the unfortunate position of having to start making arrangements to close your shop down, then Clearabee’s rubbish removal services are here to help.

Follow this link if you want to jump straight to booking your clearance or request that Clearabee give you a buzz back to discuss what needs removing from your shop. Otherwise, let’s take a look at how Clearabee can clear the way.


Shop Clearances and COVID-19

Due to the closure of non-essential shops and the increasing preference towards online shopping, the Guardian reported that on average, 48 shops closed each day across the UK, resulting in 17,500 chain store outlets closing their doors for the last time. Unfortunately, these figures don’t take into account the independent shops which were temporarily closed during the lockdowns but may not even reopen once restrictions finally lift.

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Whether you’re moving your physical store online or closing down completely, you may be left with some stock which you sadly have no choice but to dispose of. How Clearabee can help depends on the nature of the stock itself but we can usually responsibly remove most waste streams. If your unwanted stock includes food, waste electronic and electrical items or paints, solvents and liquids then you will most likely struggle to get rid of them through a traditional rubbish removal method. However, as the UK’s largest clearance company, Clearabee will no doubt be able to provide a specialist solution and a bespoke quote. Simply get in touch with us and we’ll see how best we can help you.

Clearabee’s Shop Clearances

Similarly to Clearabee’s office clearance services, we are able to attend your shop or store and responsibly remove your unwanted items. From shelving units to racks and rails to monitors and electronics, once you’ve got rid of all of your unwanted stock, you’ll likely be left with fixture and fittings that can often be difficult to dispose of.

There are a number of ways that you can book Clearabee’s clearance service so we can help to remove some of surplus-to-requirement items from your shop. The simplest way from a customer point of view is to capture some images of the things that you want disposing of and send them over to us so we can provide an initial quote and allocate an appropriately-sized team of waste operatives. This option gives us a sound understanding of the waste streams and the volume involved and the most pragmatic method to remove it, whether that’s our ‘Man and Van’ clearance, through our skip hire services or Skip Bag products, or an amalgamation of all three.


‘Man and Van’ Shop Clearances

Alternatively, you could simply pay the flat call-out fee of £59.99 for our ‘Man and Van’ service and our friendly waste operatives can assess your waste whilst on site and provide you with a quote there and then. Of course, this doesn’t give us the opportunity to assess your waste beforehand, and may result in us needing to send out another vehicle and driver or book a return visit which can see the costs mount up quickly. It’s safe to say that this option would be more suited to a small shop but in any case, the more you tell us beforehand, the more we can help.

The good news is that whichever clearance service you choose, we can get your unwanted items removed rapidly. Our ‘Man and Van’ service can usually attend your shop or property on the very same day as your order, especially if you make your booking before 1pm. Again, these situations do tend to work more efficiently if you book a designated-day clearance, where both you and us know exactly what needs removing and in how short a space of time.


Shop Clearances with Skips and Skip Bags

Our position as a truly national skip hire service means that wherever you are in the country, we can get your skip to you with next-day delivery usually available (again, if ordered by 1pm and depending on demand). This option does have its drawbacks, however. As with domestic properties you will need to have the requisite space to position your skip close to your shop so you can effectively load it without excessive travel. Manual labour can also be an issue as our ‘Man and Van’ service includes reasonable labour within the cost whilst our skip hire (and Skip Bag service) require you to do your own lifting.

You’ll also be restricted with regards to which waste streams you can mix within a skip or Skip Bag. For example, if you’re planning on getting rid of hazardous waste streams such as laptops, monitors or anything containing coolant (such as air-conditioning units or mini fridges), then you’ll need a separate dedicated skip or Skip Bag in order to avoid this waste accidentally going to landfill.


If you’re dealing with mixed waste streams such as these, the ‘Man and Van’ clearance really is the most flexible and convenient service, mainly because we can separate these items by hand and make sure that each goes to the most environmentally-friendly destination. Reasons such as this enable us to divert at least 95% of all we collect away from landfill. Follow this link to find out more about Clearabee’s environmental credentials which include shorter journeys, our UK reforestation project and our carbon-neutral service.


Follow this link to book your Clearabee shop clearance, or get in touch with our friendly office staff and we’ll give you a call back and help you to unload those unwanted items.


Removing rubbish. It’s what we do.

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