4 May 2021

How Much Does A Skip Bag Cost?

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In one way or another, skips have been on the rubbish removal scene for close to a century. Skip Bags emerged as the skip hire alternative around 20 years ago, but many people are yet to take a chance on Skip Bags. Here at Clearabee, we’ve talked about the pros and cons, so maybe it’s time we talked about the price. So, how much does a Skip Bag cost?

Small Skip Bags

Our fixed-price Skip Bags rubbish removal service starts with our small Skip Bags. These come at a cost of £114.99 when bought alongside the collection. Free bag delivery is included in the price and the collection of your full Skip Bag can be arranged at any point within six months from the purchase date. All you have to do is book your named-day collection with us online or order via the telephone. Simple.

Medium Skip Bags

£139.99 is the price of a medium Skip Bag, which includes the bag collection as with the small Skip Bags. If you wanted to purchase the bag only, this would come at a cost of £13.99 and you could order and arrange the collection at your convenience without the restriction of a six-month window. Far more flexible than a skip.

Large Skip Bags

At the far end of the scale are our large Skip Bags at a cost of £209.99, which includes the collection and free delivery of the bag. Again, the collection aspect of the service is valid for six months from the date of purchase and in the majority of cases, the collection of large skip bags will only be made by an HGV as opposed to our ‘Man and Van’ clearance service. This depends on us being aware of what items you want to have removed beforehand so we can organise the collection efficiently.

Alongside all of these options are our mini bags, which work in a similar way to our Skip Bag service. However, due to their smaller size, these bags cost £3.99 to deliver. A 10-bag roll of mini bags is priced at £10.99, whilst the collection itself (which must be a minimum of 3 bags) costs £12.99.

All of the above-mentioned prices include VAT. If you’re still unsure about giving Skip Bags a try, our rubbish removal comparison tool is great for working out which of our services is the most cost-effective for you.

Wherever possible, our friendly field staff will try to make sure that you are able to use your Skip Bag again so that your money goes that little bit further. This is, of course, dependent upon your Skip Bag being structurally sound but it also means that you’ll be able to remove even more rubbish. In cases like this, all you’ll need to do is either order a Skip Bag collection online or contact Clearabee to book another rubbish removal.


Skip Bags saves you hassle

Using Clearabee can also save you hassle as well as cost. Fly-tipping figures have been on the up since the beginning of the lockdown and this is in part due to unscrupulous rubbish removal companies. Where customers may think they’re getting a steal with a cheap rubbish removals deal, it can often end up costing customers (and the environment) a whole lot more.

If customers fail to practice due diligence when hiring the services of a waste clearance company, they could find facing a fine or prosecution themselves, instead of the illegally operating removals firm who are to blame. Here at Clearabee, we go the extra mile to provide you with peace of mind when it comes to your rubbish removals.

Once your waste has been removed and reached its destination, you will receive a digital Waste Transfer Note, which forms part of your Duty of Care. This note will document what waste was collected from your property and to which Waste Transfer Station it was removed. It will also detail the recycle rate, which is typically 95% or more. All of this means that you’re in safe hands with Clearabee.

If you still have questions about our Skip Bag service, then do have a look at our handy Skip Bag guide or consult our Skip Bag FAQ section. If you’re ready to place your order, then book your Skip Bag now.

Removing rubbish. It’s what we do.

All prices featured in this article are correct at the time of publishing.


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