28 April 2021

Skip Bags: The Rubbish Removal Bags

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Skip Bags are the aesthetically-friendly, flexible, fixed-price alternative to skip hire. These rubbish removal bags are designed to enable rubbish and unwanted items to be collected right from your home. What’s more, you can fill your Skip Bags at your own convenience at any point within six-months from the moment of purchase. This extended time frame exceeds what you would normally get with a skip, which means less mess and more security than if you were using a ‘Man and Van’.

If you are already familiar with the Skip Bag service then jump straight to ordering your rubbish removal using our hassle-free online booking services or contact us here at Clearabee. For those who aren’t so sure, just what are rubbish collection bags and how do they work?

What are Skip Bags?

Our Skip Bags are custom-built, poly-woven bags which are perfect for rubbish removal. They are becoming increasingly popular and can be used to remove almost all domestic and commercial waste streams. Skip Bags are extremely strong, ever so durable and available in a range of sizes, making them suitable for everything from small-scale garden clearances, all the way up to kitchen rip-outs and bathroom refurbs.


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Skip Bags weigh very little when they’re empty, so they pose significantly less risk of causing damage to your property than a standard skip, but allow your waste to be neatly contained whilst waiting to be collected. Our slick and stylish Skip Bags look better than a skip sitting on your driveway too.

What can go in a Skip Bag?

Skip Bags can be used to remove almost every waste stream that can be disposed of with either skips or ‘Man and Van’ services. Our Small Skip Bags can be used to remove garden waste such as bricks, soil and rubble, but due to exceeding the weight restrictions associated with the lorry, this option is not available with our Medium and Large sizes.

These Medium and Large Skip Bags are able to contain either renovation or construction waste as long as it doesn’t exceed the level load line. These bags are also useful to get rid of one-off, bulky items such as single-seater settees, cupboards and garden chairs or tables.

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However, most hazardous waste streams cannot be removed via Skip Bags, Skip Hire or ‘Man and Van’ clearance services. In instances such as these, you should contact Clearabee in the first instance as we may be able to provide a bespoke solution for you.

How do Skip Bags work?

Very easily. You can book your Clearabee rubbish removal bag by telephone or via our hassle-free online system. When ordering, you can either just buy the bag, or you can purchase it alongside a collection. If you order the latter, then you have six months from the point of sale to arrange a named-day collection to suit you, then we will come and collect the rubbish from your home. If you buy the bag on its own, you can simply get in touch and book your collection at a time that suits you.

Our Skip Bags can usually be delivered during the very next working day and are flat-packed, rolled or folded. This means that if needs be, you can handily store them away until you want to start using them. You can even take them to a different address if you move house. Just be sure to let us know the new address when it comes to the collection.

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Unlike some other service providers, we strive to empty your Skip Bag in the most economic and environmentally-friendly manner. This means that depending on what you need collecting, we might send a ‘Man and Van’ clearance team rather than a grab lorry so please, do take the time to let us know the nature of your collection beforehand. In either eventuality, filled Skip Bags need to be positioned within four metres of the road and accessible without obstruction so that they can be successfully collected.

How much do Skip Bags cost?

Clearabee’s Mini Bags are the least expensive option and cost £4.99 for a roll of 10 bags. A £3.99 delivery charge is applicable and a collection, which must consist of at least 3 bags, costs £12.99. At the other end of the pricing scale are our Large Skip Bags: the “bag and collection” option costs £219.99 which includes free delivery. We also have Small and Medium Skip Bag options available and you can peruse these prices on our Skip Bag pages.


How big are Skip Bags?

As suggested by the name, our Mini Bags are the smallest Skip Bags available. These can contain 25 kg worth of rubbish per Skip Bag or alternatively, 42 litres in volume. Our Large Skip Bags, however, are an enormous 210cm x 165cm x 100cm, or 4.5 cubic yards. In terms of weight, Large Skip Bags can also contain 1500kgs worth of waste items. In between these two options are our Small and Medium Skip Bags: their dimensions are also available on our Skip Bag rubbish removal service pages.

Visit our Skip Bag page to try out our handy comparison tool – it will guide you towards the best value rubbish removal service. If you’ve made you mind up about your Skip Bag or if you’re ready for us to collect rubbish from your home, then contact us and let us do the rest.

Rubbish removal. It’s what we do.

All prices quoted are correct at the time of publishing.

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