25 May 2021

Staycations and Old Tent Disposal

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With foreign holidays being limited and travel restrictions still in place for some tourist destinations, it’s no surprise that “staycations” are once again on the cards for many British holidaymakers. If you’re not a regular camper or vactioner in the UK, it can be surprising how much equipment you need and how much you often need to get rid of.

Whether it’s old roof boxes that are due to be replaced, or weather-damaged tents that need to go to the big camp site in the sky, Clearabee’s waste clearance services are the most convenient solution for clearing away your old holiday equipment.

If that’s all you need to hear, then book your waste clearance now or contact Clearabee and we’ll give you a buzz back.


Stay at Home Vacations

With UK staycations reportedly up by 300% and campervan holidays themselves increasing by 209% when compared to last year, it’s clear that there will be a huge demand for waste clearances once people are back from their breaks.

It seems fair to say that some holidaymakers choosing this year to take a break here in the UK may not be doing the same again next year, which means that sheds and garages will end up full of camping equipment. It makes sense to hold onto the equipment in case you need it again, but for some people, space is an issue and this is simply not possible. The same can be said for those regular UK holiday makers; perhaps your well-used tent has finally given up the ghost, or your old sleeping bags need putting to sleep permanently. The good news is that are eco-friendly solutions that are available to you.


Upcycle your Tent

When it comes to the waste hierarchy, it’s always better for the environment to reuse your items rather than recycle, which is why so many people choose to upcycle their tents in some increasingly interesting and innovative ways. If you’re a creative type with a little time on your hands then you can turn your tent into a windscreen cover to protect your car from the elements, a colourful kite for the kids to play with, or you could cut them up for arts and crafts for a children’s summer holiday project. There are plenty of inspirational ideas on sites such as Pinterest as long as you’ve got the time.


Recycle your Tent

If you’d rather recycle your old tent, then there a few options open to you. Tents of any size are usually quite tricky to recycle because they are made up of so many different components. From the plastic and metal that make up the tent poles, to the polyester or nylon that makes up the flysheet and the polyethylene groundsheet material, tents usually have to be picked apart by hand before they can be separated and recycled.

However, most Household Waste Recycling Centres will accept your old tent and responsibly dispose of it for you. As with all post-lockdown local HWRCs, it’s important to check which restrictions are still in place when it comes to booking appointments, making regular visits or how much identification you’ll need to dispose of your items. Be sure to check on line before setting out to avoid any disappointment.


Old Tent Disposal

If your tent has seen better days and recycling and upcycling isn’t an option, then it’s time to say goodbye. If you’re looking to buy another tent then it might be an idea to see if any part of the tent is worth keeping. Could you use your tent pegs for your next tent to save you buying any more? Otherwise, you can simply leave your tent out for Clearabee to collect, along with any other unwanted items from your shed or garage, even if they’re not holiday based.

If you’re looking to get rid of gas canisters from portable BBQs, caravans or cooking stoves, then as a first port of call you should return them to the original point of purchase. Failing that, your local HWRC may have a dedicated area for safely disposing of gas cannisters and bottles. For all other items, Clearabee can provide a convenient and eco-friendly solution to clear your old camping equipment.


Our on-demand ‘Man and Van’ service will no doubt be the most suitable way to get rid of this type of refuse. Our waste operatives can attend your property on the very same day (if you order before 1pm) and will do all of the heavy lifting for you, leaving your area clean and tidy, as if we’d never been there.

We can start clearing away your old camping equipment from £84.99 for one cubic yard of unwanted items, whether that means camping chairs, portable picnic tables or windbreaks. Add into that old roof boxes and roof racks, worn-our suitcases or even bicycles and we’ll make sure it’s all responsibly disposed of.


Clearabee’s Sustainable Services

On average, we divert from landfill at least 95% of all the waste we collect. We manage this by only using audited and approved Waste Transfer Stations that offer the highest levels of compliance and recycling rates. This means that even if you aren’t able to reuse or upcycle your old holiday equipment, you can make sure that they’re going to good uses.

What’s more, by using Clearabee’s services, you’re helping to make sure that our countryside stays green for future holiday makers. Our service is carbon neutral due to our vehicles being constructed on an ultra-light chassis, which reduces both fuel consumption and carbon emissions. The carbon emissions we do create are offset by our reforestation projects. The 2 UK forests we have created are made up of 19,674 trees and are expected to offset 1,886 tonnes of carbon.

Book your camping clearance here or get in touch with Clearabee so we can help you get all cleared up after your staycation.


Remove rubbish. It’s what we do.

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