12 January 2021

Post-Christmas Declutter

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Decluttering is never more needed than right after Christmas and the New Year. After a busy festive period, the average household is left struggling to cope with the increased amounts of domestic waste, paper/cardboard recycling and items that have been replaced over Christmas. However, this doesn’t mean that overflowing rubbish bins and household clutter is a certainty; Clearabee’s rubbish clearance services are quick, convenient and just what you need to give your fresh start the head start it needs.

It’s estimated that UK households create 30% more rubbish than usual during the festive period, with over 300,000 tonnes of card being used, and in excess of 100 million bags of waste sent to landfill. This situation often leaves wheelie bins’ capacity being exceeded, recycling bags overflowing and communal rubbish enclosures becoming hazardous and harvesting pests.

This is, of course, no-one’s fault in particular. Most local authorities operate a reduced (or certainly revised) collection schedule during the festive period and the majority of households still endeavor to remove rubbish as responsibly as possible. However, if you find that your weekly bin collection hasn’t made a dent in the detritus that’s piling up, our private wheelie bin collection service is a quick and affordable way to deal with your overflowing bins.

This service is quick and easy to book using our hassle-free online facility and if you book by 10pm with your bins left out by 8am the next morning, then we can ensure that your bins are emptied the day after your booking. It’s as easy as that and it’s one less thing to worry about.

Even with the kind of Christmas that 2020 dealt to us, most UK households were still tasked with clearing areas of their house in order to make room. Whether this room was needed for presents or people, it always means that something else has to go via a Christmas clearout and these are a few of the usual suspects:



Decluttering Childrens’ Toys

There are a number of ways that the average household can responsibly get rid of the children’s toys or items that you’ve replaced over the Christmas period. Even after Christmas, there are no doubt some people who will be able to make use of the things you no longer need and there are numerous ways that you can pass them on.

Websites such as Facebook, Gumtree and Freecycle are great ways to make sure that your pre-loved items get a second chance at a loving home and are free to list items. However, there’s no guarantee that after Christmas, people will want to take in other’s unwanted items and sometimes, you just want a quick and decisive solution to your decluttering problems. And that’s where Clearabee comes in.

Our ‘Man and Van’ service offers rapid-reaction waste clearance which can often be with you on the very same day as your order, meaning that once you’ve decided it needs to go… it’s gone. If you’d like to take a little longer clearing your items after Christmas, however, then our Skip Bag rubbish bags solution gives you up to 6 months from the point of ordering to fill your bag and book your collection. It really is all about what’s more convenient for you.


Removing White Goods

Whether it’s fridges and freezers purchased in preparation for the Big Day or bought after the fact in the January sales, there are always plenty of replaced white goods that need removing responsibly. These can be difficult for individual households to remove and responsibly dispose of for a number of reasons, not least because of the size and weight of the items, but the fact that they require specialist service to dispose of them.


Most white goods contain liquids, gases or other materials which can be hazardous to the environment as well as people and animals if not disposed of responsibly. Hiring the services of a reputable and licensed waste carrier should see that you are provided with a Waste Transfer Note so you are confident that your Duty of Care has been satisfied and that fly-tipping is not a possibility.

Clearabee provide digital copies of this documentation as a matter of course so you’ll know exactly what has been collected, which local Waste Transfer Station it has arrived at and the landfill diversion rate (which is at least 95% with Clearabee).

The most convenient service for this kind of Christmas declutter is our rapid-reaction ‘Man and Van’ clearance service. In most cases, we are able to clear your unwanted items during the very same day as your order and do all of the heavy lifting for you. We can clear fridges (estimated at 1 cubic yard’s worth of waste at a weight of 75kg) at a cost of £114.99 which includes the call-out fee.

Why not try out our interactive waste calculator to work out how much waste we could remove and the cost attached.


Sofa removal

Both the Christmas period and the New Year sales are synonymous with new sofa sales and this year is no different. However, delivery of this type of furniture can often leave customers with the problem of having too many sofas and not enough space and not every furniture retailer provides a removal service. That’s where Clearabee can help with your Christmas clearout.


Our fixed-price sofa removal service is quick and easy to book via our 24/7 online service and our friendly field staff can be with you during the very same day to remove the sofa from either inside or outside of your property. What’s more, we can also make sure that your old sofa goes to good use. We have access to over 600 audited and approved Waste Transfer facilities across the UK which includes effective sofa recycling programmes. These facilities strive to strip the old sofa down to its component parts which can then be reused (in the case of the metal elements) or used as Energy from Waste when it comes to the foam, wood and material.

If you’re getting rid of your old sofa following the festive period, Clearabee can be sure that it goes to good use. We can remove your old furniture for the call-out fee of £59.99 plus £20 for an armchair, £30 for a two seater, £40 for a 3 seater or a sofa bed or £50 for a 4 seater/corner unit.


Decluttering with Clearabee: Quick and Convenient

Clearabee’s ‘Man and Van’ clearance service is specifically designed to be quick, convenient and cost-effective. These on-demand services can usually be with you during the very same day of booking so you won’t be left with your unwanted items cluttering up your house for any longer than necessary. We’ll send you an SMS to let you know when we’re on our way to your property and you’ll receive a tracking link from us so you can keep up to date with our progress.

home waste

You have several options when it comes to getting rid of these items. You can literally leave them piled up in the garden or on your drive and as long as there is reasonable access, then our clearance teams will get rid of them for you and leave the area as if we’d never been there. Alternatively, you can leave them in a room inside of your house, but please consult our guide on COVID-19 restrictions so we can ensure the safety of both you and our staff with a contact-free collection.

Take a look at this handy guide to learn more about our whole house clearance service, and see how a Christmas declutter can get your 2021 off to a great start with Clearabee.

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