11 February 2021

What is a Maxi Skip?

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Skips come in a range of sizes that suit different clearance jobs. A midi skip may tackle a few pieces of garden furniture and miscellaneous waste but could fall short when clearing up after a renovation to your home. Here you’ll find everything you need to know regarding the sizes, prices, and best uses for maxi skips.

We are the UK’s largest clearance company who can offer a range of services from skips to ‘Man and Van’ collection, so we have a wealth of knowledge and experience in this field. If at any point you would like to book a skip you can do so here.


What size is a Maxi Skip?

The most common type of skip tends to be ‘builders skips’ whose capacity sits around 8-cubic yards. Maxi skips are a lot larger and their capacity starts at 12-cubic yards. Cubic yards can be difficult to visualise so below are some examples that may help.


12 Yard Skip

120 bin bags

20-24 washing machines


14 Yard Skip

140 bin bags

24-28 washing machines


Skips will also have a weight capacity as skips that are overfilled or too heavy are dangerous to lift and remove. Due to their size, many people are tempted to fill maxi skips with dense and heavy waste like bricks. This can quickly lead to the skip being overfilled. If you are not sure about what sized skip you should hire, get in contact with us as we’ll be able to recommend the best option.


What Should I use a Maxi Skip For?

Maxi skips have a wide demographic of users as they help both private home and business owners. For example, after an office refurbishment there may be large quantities of desks and chairs. These can be cumbersome to load into a vehicle but are easily transported by hand into an on-site skip. A home renovation or extension can also benefit from a maxi skip to quickly clear small amounts of light construction waste.


There are a few items that you should not place in your skip as this can lead to an additional charge.

These include:



Clinical waste

Large electrical appliances




Fluorescent tubes

Gas canisters

Hazardous materials

Food waste




How Much Does a Maxi Skip Cost?

If you think that a maxi skip is the best option for you then you’ll be interested in prices.


Here are a few examples of prices across the UK. In these examples, we are using the skip for light construction waste and have it placed on private land. Bear in mind that these prices are up to date as of February 2021 and that prices regularly change. You can use this page here to receive an instant quote based on your location.


B16 – Birmingham – £277.92

M1 – Manchester – £381.6

NW1 – London – £388.80

EH1 – Edinburgh – £301.19

CF10 – Cardiff – £396.00


Things to Consider

Before booking a maxi skip there are a few additional logistical points you may need to consider. The placement of a maxi skip can become a complicated affair if there is not enough room. A large HGV is required to deliver and pick up the skip so the road must be large enough to accommodate this vehicle. Be sure that the area where you want your skip placed is not obstructed by walls or overhead wires. On your delivery and collection dates, please ensure that the route to the skip Is not blocked by your own or neighbour’s car as a wasted trip will incur an additional charge.


Due to their large size, maxi skips are naturally heavy so shouldn’t be placed on manhole covers as it can damage them. The same applies to some driveways, especially in the summer when the weather is hot. If you place an already heavy skip and then fill it with heavy items, the skip could sink into and damage your drive. Even if you are worried about damage to your drive or getting the skip delivered, we have several alternatives that can do just as good of a job. Our ‘Man and Van’ serivce can be at your door on a same day basis and reasonable labour is included. This means we’ll do all the heavy lifting for you and our lightweight vans won’t damage your drive.


How to Book a Maxi Skip

Booking a maxi Skip is simple with Clearabee and we are often able to deliver skips on a next-day basis. Our postcode search allows you to receive an instant quote which if you are happy with, your can checkout. You won’t have any trouble with our booking process as it has been designed to be as simple as possible and should only take a couple of minutes to complete.


As we’ve seen above there are a few things to consider when booking a maxi skip so if you aren’t absolutely sure about something you should get in contact with our Clearabee advisors as we’ll be able to advise on the best options.

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