22 September 2022

Convenient Plant Pot Disposal

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The renowned author, George Orwell famously said in a 1941 essay that “we are a nation of flower lovers”. Nearly 70 years later this still remains to be true with 42% of the public reportedly claiming to enjoy gardening. Whether it’s because it helps us relax or allows us to craft the perfect garden to get the neighbours jealous, many of us can claim to have green fingers. One of the primary vessels for our beloved crocus, pansies, and roses is the humble plant pot. The stereotypical terracotta pot is a back garden staple and even a plastic one is a welcome addition to any patio that’s looking a bit barren. But what happens when they break, become too worn or you just need to get rid of them?


Plant Pot Disposal with Clearabee

Here at Clearabee, we are the UK’s largest waste collection company that can provide a range of rubbish removal services. If you want to get rid of old plant pots efficiently and quickly, we would recommend our ‘Man & Van’ removal service. If you use this service, one or two of our uniformed waste operatives would be at your door on a day of your choosing to remove your desired waste. The main benefit of using this service is that we will do all the heavy lifting. Just ensure we have access to the waste, and that it is not too far away from somewhere for us to park and we’ll do that work for you.


Our ‘Man and Van’ service is available in different load sizes so you can choose the most cost-effective option for your situation. The average garden spruce-up could easily lead you to replace a couple of plant pots. By that point, you may have some trellis that needs replacing, an old light that’s broken and some weather-worn garden furniture that you’d like to get rid of too.


This will be ideal as our smallest load size starts at 1 cubic yards worth of waste. It’s worth keeping in mind that a weight limit also applies. Our mini load has a weight limit of 100KG, a typical terracotta pot with a 35.7cm diameter weighs around 5.8KG. This means we’d be able to collect 17 of this type of pot in one collection. Make sure that the amount of pots you have doesn’t surpass the cubic yards limit. A mini load can collect a total of 1 cubic yards worth of waste. The best way to visualise a single cubic yard is to think of how much space two washing machines would take up.


If you’re having any trouble calculating your waste, get in touch as we’d be happy to advise you. Even if you have miscalculated how much waste you have, once we’ve collected it we can work out the difference and either charge for the extra waste or refund for a collection that was too large.

Plant Pot Recycling


Can you put plastic pots into your recycling bin?

If you’re looking to recycle plastic pots your options can be a little limited. Even organisations that can recycle plastic pots may only be able to accept certain colours. For example, black plastic pots can avoid the detection of some waste sorting technologies so are regularly not accepted. If you are unable to find a way to reuse these or donate them to someone else to use, you will have to put them in your general waste bin. Check with your local recycling centre if they are able to recycle your specific type of waste before making any definitive decisions. Other organisations have launched their own recycling schemes such as Dobbies in partnership with elho.


Can you put broken clay pots into your general waste bin?

Again, we cannot give a definitive answer to this question. Councils around the UK do not abide by a standardised set of items they can/cannot accepts and items they do/don’t charge for. If you check most council websites, they will say that you can put broken clay plant pots into your general waste bin. However, if you check East Devon’s website they state that you shouldn’t do this and should instead take the waste directly to the recycling centre. So, to summarise, whether you’re looking to get rid of plastic/clay pots, do your research before putting them in the bin or book a Clearabee service for the easy option.


Rubbish Removal with Clearabee

It’s not just plant pots we can remove, our national waste removal service extends to products such as skip hire, skip bags and wheelie bin collections. Our most popular service, the ‘Man & Van’ collection is also perfect for house clear-outs, renovations and more. Our booking process has also been crafted to be simple to understand and allows for fast checkouts.

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